Sleep Debrivation.

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  1. Well out of curiosity i finally decided if this "tripping" from sleep deprivation would really work. So i did some research and learned that the only damage that is caused is when you do it obsessively. Anyway skip threw 50 hours from the time i awoke and i get a phone call from a buddy of mine asking if i would want to share a blunt with him( this was a very nice favor because I'm dry and he was kinda of taking it as an insult me refusing him like that (i was tired and i also had to worry about the 60mg of adderall XR(ADD so i skipped two days of it just for this occasion) i had taken about 40minutes before his call so i decided that since it was only 4 blocks i would bike there and after a surprisingly smooth ride we met up at our park toking spot and began. Almost done with it i felt the usual stoned and then after my friend said something i became amazingly paranoid and was seeing people who simply were not there i don't even know if they were people my imagination created or people i had seen before. I was simply amazed at how realistic these people behaving(one was a smoker and one checked his phone twice as if he were waiting for something. I wasn't even convinced that they were hallucination's because we had been sitting at this park bench probably a good two hours stoned as shit and i spent most if not all that time watching the smoker and inpatient phone checker my mind had created and they seemed like were acting normal enough i even asked and pleaded my friend to make sure there was no one and promise me he wasn't bullshitting me.(well besides being in the same place for so long). I had an hallucination of two firefighters hiding by a tree when we were smoking as well but they disappeared after a minute or two of me staring(they both kind of separated into a trillion different pieces and disappeared.kinda like when you touch a hallucination on a wall but i was a good ways away) later after seeing a grand total of 8 different people who my friend conformed were not there and again they all looked real as life and were holding there ground eventually we decided to separate which i was a good idea because i was getting obsessed with these false identities and my friend was right it was all in my head i had a point of riding down a route closer to the smoker and phone guys and they disappeared the same way as the firemen and surprisingly i was incredibly happy because of this. I felt as if i had defeated an great enemy, Of course till my final main hallucination came in the form of an angry group of what i counted before running were at least 15 Mexican ghetto dudes who looked the same.. But not like a reflection type look on them but like they were just a bunch of twins. By the time i turned around to see how far i had gotten from them they all were gone without a trace. I think i have now gotten my most vivid hallucination's from adderall/weed/ and very little nicotine in the dutch(swishers are better :p) defiantly not enjoyable as my substance trips :) oh i have yet to sleep still cause of the horrible insomnia from the adderall which isn't fun because i rather not have the "trip" go up anymore i have a monster like figure similar to the ones before in detail but a much different attitude and stance he or she seems to want to kill me and i'm so paranoid right now i'm scared of it when i don't even have a reason to be i wasn't . Anyway i think i'll go sleep now. I just realize how poorly this much be written i'll fix it when i wake :)
  2. good read... wrong forum though
  3. The fact that lack of sleep causes paranoia and hallucinations is not good thing. It's a terrible result of abusing too much speed.

    Be careful... The rest of the world carried on without you. Don't let it pass you by.

    -Been there

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