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Discussion in 'General' started by pyroganja, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. [let's try getting a lil game goin] name any slang term that you know for MARIJUANA [only post one term to let other people have a chance and try not to post any terms that have already been posted]

    1. Mota
  2. 2. Chron.
  3. 5.Mary Jane
  4. Herb :)
  5. Pizza

    My little Brother's guy works at Domino's, so when I want something I'm like "hey can I get any pizza today?"
  6. Weed. :smoking:
  7. Charlie Green.

    edit: its slow. but its picking up with my dealers. lol they feel less shady when i ask them what Charlie's up to haha
  8. 12. cannabis
  9. is that even slang? haha

    13. Dope
    (can be used for more drugs than marijuana obviously)

    I just hate it when an adult says "Dope" talkin down on cannabis... always gets to me.
  10. spinach, or trees only
  11. green titty
  12. Chronic......
  13. cheeba o and dogia

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