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Discussion in 'General' started by PotSmoke1769, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. i hear a few slang terms around here that r used alot when describing bud. some of my friends and i have differing opinions though. the word chronic to me means pot that is laced with coke. or in other words 2 grams of coke to one ounce of pot. true or not?? also one last one. i use the word dank in a good way to describe really moist sappy rank weed. one of my friends thinks dank is bad. so is dank a good word for pot or a bad word for pot. thanks tokers
  2. Dank indisputably means good, chronic is a strain, can mean real good weed, or some places weed laced with coke, just depends.
  3. We call nugs w/ coke Frosted Nuggets, just because I made it up all fucked up on 'em.

    Heres the slang for my neck of the woods:
    schwa = schwag, bad weed, beaners and the like
    middies = maybe a few beaners, prolly not though, some hairs and usually a few crystals
    nugs = best stuff we get around here, never any name brands, just nuggets. no beaners (well somtimes beaners, but if there are beaners, its usually $50 for 6.5 grams)

  4. couldn't have said it better myself.....:)

  5. Isn't smoking coke bad coz i heard it can chrystallize on ur lungs or some shit and kill u instantly....????

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