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  1. okay when i was a teen i would call weed ingrediants like i would have to go pick up some ingrediants or salad or lettuce a joint with would call sun shine a bowl would be ceral and then a blunt would be.....a dollar lol yeah pretty stupid huh? what slang words did you guys use?
  2. Man me and my friend were really into explosives and shit when we were younger. . But my mom caught on and we kinda dropped it. Sorta ;p. But we started to call weed, fireworks. But we would say it with a bit of a accent just so the other one would know if you were talking about weed or actually fireworks. Idunno lol :p
  3. I call fine bud Kangaroo Nuts ... jk :)

    Me & My friend call weed pancakes and when we go to are dealers he will usually match us so we call him I-Hop

    "Lets go to I Hops"

    I know retarded
  4. We call it chicken around here.

    A pipe is a chicken cooker..
  5. We call our pipe "the skull" cause it has a skull head at the end. Its a sick pipe :)
  6. we used to say candy back in the day... like lets go get some candy... but when we say it now it means pussy lol
  7. hahaha grav bong = apple

    lets go have an apple or two
  8. I've always called it moon grass.

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