Slang and things you say a lot

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  1. Foo'... lolol such an old saying
  2. my #1 word is fuck.
    2nd is dude

    and know what im sayin? < except i hate when i say that
  3. ”mmm” dank
    bitch made
    sweet deal
    ”whathafuc” *super fast*

    *saying bye with a southern accent*
    me: heyy! hey ______, catch you on the flip siiiide ;)

    friend: only if its ma good side ;)
  4. Dawg (whats up dawg, hey dawg what are you doin)
    Wassap girl( hey man whats up)
    And a lot of cussing
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    Non of us are from the west but we all speak English, well. Sometimes hahah we make up our own words.

    Hakuna matata or don worry abaut it (questions we don't wanna answer)

    what's the situation? (everyday thing, it means how are we getting shit today?)

    Round 2 (start rolling)

    let's go drifting, or we are going to drift ( we have business to go to or have to ditch for a bit)

    He's a clown ( he's a clown ass mother fucker)

    where we pre-ing? (whose house are we pre-gaming in)

    black news (bad news)

    emergency or kinder? ( it's like asking if he broke of a piece(hash) for later/ has the emergency piece)

    loud pop sound (means it's all good or the point is)

    yowsol ( will the joint reach me?)

    3 p,strict ( when we are in a big circle and make all the joints in the circle 3 puff pass, we add strict to say make it quick)

    cut heads ( decrease the circle)

    shall we ( when we are in a club or something with alot people and wanna sneak(individually out for a private joint)

    midnight? (it automatically means we have shit left that we are saving for the sunrise) has nothing to do with midnight

    We are around 10-15 people everyday minimum will be 7 on a boring day. so since it's a big group we have a lot of inside shit and a few of us are in charge of the deals,reservations and plans hahaha, we are too gay
  6. I've been calling weed muriwurz a lot lately. Otherwise some philly slabs, "Oh, ard" etc.
  7. Chief, fuck, shit, bro, dog, and my favorite insult, cocksucker.
  8. I'm going to go with the ones that haven't already been mentioned 28 times.

    Sour apple jelly- jealous
    Bro Hoof- fist bump (stolen from the bronies)
    Sick Nasty- pretty fucking cool
    neat- also pretty fucking cool
    When something goes wrong, we say and it was like, no way
    [ame=]Bone my Girlfriend! - YouTube[/ame]
    Someone has the downs- someone is being an idiot
    None of this has caught on with anyone we know, still waiting for that special person to finish this Family Guy deleted scene: "What are we here for Ollie?"
  9. I use dank for everyday things,sometimes I get a weird look.
  10. for sure, fool, dude, what's up, peace, right on, word
  11. Dat ass doe..
  12. "too legit to quit"

    i use that phrase way too much
  13. YOLO

  14. Word/ fuck I say way too much
  15. I say uh, like and you know wayyy to much
  16. In my area we say wicked a lot. "That's wicked cool. This is so wicked." Its a New England thing...

  17. I grew up in Maine and it took me years to ditch "wicked" from my vocabulary.
  18. whats good?
    i incorporate fuck alot too ^^^^
    ayyy yo
    straight as in "yeah thats straight"
    dank- dank food, thats dank as fuuuu
  19. Goon , fuck , what's a goon to a goblin , yolo everytime I run a red light or stop sign , that's what I'm trying to say , dude . That's all I can think of now aha
  20. We still use aight around here.

    Seems like it mostly died out it in the 90's, but my friends and cousins have kept it going.

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