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  1. So the other day me and my buddy were burning and we were talking about all the awesome times weve had this summer. Hes like one of my best friends and we always make up funny shit and laugh our ass off when we hang out, and we go to a lot of partys together. We will come up with sayings or phrases in the moment/situation and usually keep it going and laugh about it for awhile until it gets stale.

    One of my favourite things to say in any situation I can throw it into is "Not with that fuckin attitude". Whenevers someones complaining about something or doesnt think they can do it Ill say it and its usually pretty funny. Ive been saying it for awhile now, not constantly, so I dont kill it.

    Example, party, bunch of us doing shots, and someones like, "Oh there no way I can take a shot right now". "Not with that fuckin attitude! Do that shit lol." I love it, especially at parties with people I dont know well, I think its hilarious, and it seems like others do too.

    Theres a ton of other ones but theyre kind of like inside jokes, well be laughing our ass off and some people dont know what the fuck were talking about. Slang for certain things, drugs and activities so I cant explain it. Me and my best friends can have an entire conversation about unmentionables and be laughing about it in front of people that wouldnt be cool with it and they dont even understand, its awesome.

    Anyways, what are some funny phrases or sayings you say often, or original slang you got going on? Im curious because I think its funny, smart and can be very useful.
  2. I say dude a lot I guess.
  3. Dude, bro, and n*****.
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    Dank, word/werd

    and i incorporate fuck alot....

    dude, man, wattsup man

    Ie.... this bud's dank as fuck man:cool:
  5. Whenever I smoke I will text random people something like "just picked some fresh tomatoes" hence the name thee gardener.

    Also while faded me and my friends comeback to pretty much anything is "kiss mah grits bro" no idea how we came up with it or what it means but it is funny as shit when your high.

    Also right before of right after I smoke I will go on my social network of choice and post a status/tweet saying "bic squad" instead of brick squad (waka flaka flame lyrics). Because 9 times out of 10 we are using a bic lighter.

    Sounds stupid but then again they are inside jokes so.
  6. Dude
    Fuck it, thug life.

    probably more that I cant remember
  7. I usually say oh shit,
  8. I like to say dig a lot, "I can dig that" is a favourite of mine. I saw Hendrix use it with his ultimate coolness and decided I wanted a piece of that pie, ya dig?
  9. I say man far far too much
    For sure

    Not much else comes to mind
  10. That's straight, it's straight

    Loud/loud pack

    Blee for blunt

  11. Bro and dude
  12. dude.

    it's straight.

    this bowl is cashed.

    for some reason whenever i'm high I end a lot of sentences with "ya know what I'm sayin"
    it's funny as shit because I feel like J-Roc from the trailer park boys

    [ame=]J-Roc uses a few two many "know what I'm saying"s - YouTube[/ame]
  13. "Whats up?"
    "Good Times!"

    Good Times!
  14. I say "true dat" in a formal manner just as a joke and it usually gets a good reaction lol.

    If I see a really cute puppy, kitten or anything adorable I say "uck, groooosss" or "eeew eeew ew ew!!" or just give it a disgusted look, tell them how disgusting they are. People are like "what???!?!" when they first hear it, but I do it so often its my first responce to something cute now. It just makes it cuter for some reason when I tell a puppy how gross he is and that you either want to eat him or that he makes you want to throw up lol! I know Im fucking weird but after a while I catch other people starting to do it to :p
  15. Ya a lot of it is not what you say but how you say it.

    Oh, a good one we been saying lately is freshman. Like when someone fucks up, be like fuckin freshman move dude.

    Haha that J Roc shit is hilarious, I remember a lot of that going around when trailer park boys was new. Along with the record spinning with the hands, that was jokes.
  16. it'llbe fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (example- 'yo man i think this is a bad idea...' me- "IT'LLBE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE")
    bullied (mostly during video games like SSB ex- "awe shit kirby is gettin bullied")

    ^all i can think of right now
    i always surprise people with my vintage vocabulary....
    i always hear a bunch of people reusing my words after i use them.
    best feeling ever.
  17. "Peel Dat Scunion"
    I also like walking up to people like I'm on a Richard Simmons workout video & just start dancing & saying "come on! 1 & 2! 3 & 4!"
  18. "So stoney!"
    We usually say chill alot,
    and alot of other stoney shit:wave:
  19. i use your typical stoner slang, dude , man , pot... shit like that but like you said you have inside jokes and shit, same. Me and my 2 buddies came up with "Bacon and beans" We were chilling one night and looked down on the table to see a flattened blunt and some unmentionables. The blunt kind of looked like bacon so we started calling it bacon and beans.

    We'd walk into class and ask eachother how breakfast was openly just laughing our ass off knowing that nobody except us 3 knew what we were talking about.

    Another thing we had going was "Mustard" Whenever someone would say mustard or we'd see mustard we would just look at eachother all wide eyed and make noises like "ugghhhh" or "ahhhh!!!!!!". We were at my buddies house once watching fucked up obscene videos on the internet and one came up where this chick did something to make yellow stuff come out of her bum and i instinctively yelled out "IS THAT MUSTARD?????"

    Good times lol.
  20. man
    raping(as in doing good in a game)

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