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  1. w00t! w00t! Greetings all. Allow me to intorduce myself. I am DeeJayBoy. Friend to all. I recently have been hanging out a lot on the message boards, but I was getting tired of the crap that goes on there. Too many people, being a little too bitchy and fighty. I thought most stoners were laid back, but a lot of people over there just like to argue and fight. Don't get me wrong, there's some really cool cats over there. I saw a message about this place and decided to give it a look see. Nice. New. Fresh. I soon mailed Super J about the moderator positions available and he told me I was cool enough! [​IMG] Thanks bro! Anyhow, I am here basicly just to help out with a lot of Q&A types of stuff. I am pretty damn good at finding answers. I will be moderating with others in a few of these forums. I am a very seasoned smoker. I may be a little young, 22, but I know my way around herbs. So, if you have questions about buds, salvia divi, or other herbs, just post a message and I'll do my best to help ya.

    A little about me... Hmm.. Well, I am 22, male, and a freelance hobby type DJ. I love all music.. well.. No country western, but pretty much anything else. I live in the great green state of Washington. Ranked #7 for best place for buds. Although I can't seem to find any as of late. We recently got medical buds approved and we're working on decriminalization next! I have a little family consisting of my beautiful live in girlfriend of three years, her name's Chris. A wacky tobacky loving cat named Elvis Kostitty. And a cute little sugar glider named Lucy(intheskywithdiamonds). [​IMG] I am a hardcore gamer and work in the gaming industry. If yer into games, msg me on Gamespy sometime and we'll go at it! I am there by the same name. I look forward to helping out with this place as much as I can and I hope we can all get along well. I am pretty excited about this moderator thing, but I am sure no one will need to be 'Moderated' <GRiN> Ok boys and girls, that's me in a nut shell. I guess. [​IMG] Look forward to bigger and better things. And remember... PLUR!!!!!!!!!


    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  2. welcome

  3. welcome man!


    [​IMG] HighasakitE [​IMG]
  4. What's going on DJB! What type of music do you DJ?
  5. Welcome, I hate it when stoners turn to bitch ,sad really...


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