Skyward Sword

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  1. Can't believe there isn't a thread on this yet? Anyone get it? I was drunk and wandered to Wal-Mart on Black Friday( think, Really drunk, I don't remember this its on my friends account) and saw that there was a new Zelda, but it was for Wii. Luckily the wii was only $100.
    So I picked it up.
    At first, I hated it. Like really, really hated it. I hated the controls, this being my first wii game, I hated the boring ass beginning, I hated flying that stupid bird.

    But once you get to the Surface and first dungeon it all falls together. The first boss is probably one of the funnest bosses I"ve played in Zelda games (think like Dark link in Oot, my favorite boss).
    This is an excellent game, almost justifies me buying the Wii(not really)
  2. i wouldn't buy a wii for it...

    but the ocorina of time was my favorite zelda game. i used to play that all the time. was it for N64? i can't remember, my buddy and i had so many different consoles i can hardly remember which game was for what
  3. I woudln't buy a wii solely for it either, unless I was inebriated.
  4. i bought it yesterday off of ebay....brand new copy for $35...just waitin for good ol USPS

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