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Skywalker - Smoke Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by ColdCoffee, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Just got a delivery from my collective extrodinare. Included in the delivery was a little bit of a strain called "Skywalker."

    Since I stupidly broke my percolator downstem (still mad about that!!!) I smoked this one out of my pipe.

    Breaking a nug in half and getting a nice good wiff, I found the smell to be nice and sweet- kind of a fruitish herb smell. The smell is not as strong as the Master Kush was from last week. There is a bit of a pine smell to it, and a nice earthy smell hidden in the background. Like a pleasant very slight moldy smell.

    The green hit was not what I was expecting. All I can say is the green hit is like an explosion of lemon pinesol taste. Its actually really tastey! Given that the smell of the nug is not as strong as some other strains I have tried recently, I expected a much more low=key flavor. Not at all!! The flavor is actually quite strong and very good. Very much a citrusy flavor! Like I said, lemon pinesol was the first thing that came to mind. It had a nice "cool" flavor to it.

    The smoke is kind of medium bodied, but my pipe tends to downplay the body of any weed (lovingly named the "Gandolf by the guy I bought it from on account of the length of the stem. My pipe is over a foot long- I'll edit in a picture tomorrow when I am not baked out of my mind).

    The high is really nice. Feels like a high quality sativa or mix strain high. I am not sure if there is any sativa in this strain or not (I think there is some). I can tell that this strain produces couchlock. I literally feel like I have a magnet on my back right now holding me to this chair. The weird time warping effect just kicked in. I kind of feel like I am floating in a bubble of time.I do feel a little of the panicy effect but its not bad. Just feels like a streak of "hot sativa high". (Actually, I just looked it up, its actually a 100% Indica strain! Very interesting!) This strain seems pretty dang potent. I only took a couple of hits (most were not deep inhales, more for tasting) and feel like I am up in the clouds. I am seriously fucked up right now :)

    I like this high, kind of nice. I would classify this as more of a "recreational high" although we will see if it knocks me out. I am currently watching star trek and could not keep up with the story if my life depended on it. I feel like a statue right now. Definitely a "man everything that is happening is a brand new unprecedented experience" kind of high!

    I definitely recommend this one at least as one to try out. Although I don't think I would use this as a regular smoke. This one seems more like a fun treat to me- a "the weekend is here lets have fun" sort of thing. Definitely worth trying. I will try vaping it tomorrow and post an update.

    Dang, I kind of just feel like staring at the wall! Ah, there's the munchies!
  2. I drank Lemon Pinesol when I was a kid....turns out it doesn't taste that good! I saw the bottle on the kitcher counter with the pic of lemons on the bottle and thought it was lemon aid. When I tasted it, it was totally bitter. My mom came it to find me blowing pinesol bubbles, lol.

    The skywalker is a good strain though. Not as skunky as it's cousins, but very good. You hit the nail on the head with the slightly moldy smell description. It's kind dank, musty, earthy smelling. But in a good way, hahaha.
  3. lol! eeeewwwww.... pinesol mouthwash!
    Yeah, I could not think of a better word than "moldy." I kind of wanted to avoid that word because most people think of a bad smell when you say moldy, but this was very pleasant. Like forest mushrooms or something. Hard to describe. Very pleasant.

    Unfortunately I did not have enough left over to try it in my vaporizer but next time I place an order I plan to get some more Skywalker. My vaporizer report will have to wait until then ;) Maybe by then I will have a new vaporizer to try out too!
  4. I grew skywalker from Dutch passion. Skip it. It had fat buds but was def nothing special. Taste and smell are disappointing
  5. Skywalker OG is super fire, covered in fat trichs.
  6. Its definitely not a 100% indica OP :p
  7. Fuck skywalker by Dutch passion and fuck "the ultimate" shittiest plant I've grown. Both times I grew dp they were the worst strains I had by far. I won't grow them again and neither should you, two of there most expensive strains you think would be good. The ultimate is airy as shit. 1 mason jar FULL is 14 grams. Maybe the ultimate bag appeal but that's it
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    Nice report would love too see some bud pics also :)
  9. DP Skywalker is an awesome strain, Mazar X Blueberry whats not to love? Its very indica :smoke:

    LSD from Barney's Farm is another good Mazar cross.
  10. Just tried some and it is a nice smoke. Smell was sweet, a touch of fruit, slight moldy, light and sweet. Good taste, not harsh, pretty fast effect. I took 4 tokes off the pipe and it's really nice. Pretty good smoke. :hello::hello::hello:

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