skywalker OG clones 4 weeks LST

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by EscapeFromCali, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. just wondering how long i should veg these for or if there ready for 12-12
    i have them under 55w cfls they are 9-10 in tall



  2. How much are you looking to yield and how much room do you have?
  3. i would like about 2 oz and my box is about 2ft by 2ft by 4ft tall but my lights take up about a foot of space
  4. Well if you only want 2 oz's total, you could start them pretty soon or now. Can you take a pic with all of them in the box so I can see how full it is now? You can pull a lot more than 2 oz out of that...very easily. Id veg for another week or two atleast
  5. ill take some pics in the morning and post them i have 2 skywalker og and 2 afghani clones but the afghani started flowering a week ago on their own so my hopes are low for them because ive only had them for 2 weeks
  6. Id keep vegging if the afghanis are autos. Theyll be small. And your box is pretty good size if its four feet tall.
  7. here are some pics of the whole box



  8. Hm. Id keep vegging and LSTing the branches out a bit more to create a few more budsites. Youll be happy you waited in the end. LST the two non autos I mean. You could switch the lighthing to 20/4 then 18/6 and your autos will like it better and your regular ones wont go into flower yet. Just dont go straight to 18/6 as Ive heard this can stress them and can send them to flower early if theyve been on 24/0. Just a precaution.
    Only worry is dont let them grow too tall before you switch to 12/12, they will double in height. LST will greatly increase your yields for those two non autos in a small box. Lookin good though:D
  9. That is what ill do. Thanks for the good advice.

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