Skywalker Kush Goes to the Bright Side

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  1. What's up Grasscity. 
    (2) Solar Spec 260
    2x4 Grow Tent
    18 Gal SIP 
    18"x 38" Screen
    Growing under Amare's Solar Specs white spectrum LEDs. Suckers are bright as hell. Growing out some Skywalker Kush this round in some organic water only soil. Battling some heat issues at the moment but I will hopefully have that sorted out sooner rather than later.

  2. I will follow along. Keep up the good work.
  3. I use my rooms air  conditioner so that the intake air is a bit cooler, around 69f works for me.
    also u can always have the light cycle at night. :smoke:
  4. Winter is rolling in, I ducted a line from my main ac into my tent to keep temps down. I don't run ac in the winter so that's a negative ghost rider. I've got some ideas, just need the free time to actually do it.
  5. Subbed and rated brother! :)
    Happy thanksgiving!

    hope your day is blessed and safe
    ~ poke
  6. Thanks brother! Hope you had a good Turkey Day. Will post an update soon, been pretty hectic around here. Learned my lesson with chlorinated water, little Skywalker looks like she is having a magnesium lockout. Looking rough, but hopefully she bounces back quickly. Gave her some Epsom Salt and went ahead and popped in a Blue Dream.
  7. Sounds like you treated her right! Good man!
  8. What's up, looks like the skywalker is slowly recovering and the blue dream has surfaced.
  9. Whats that growth around the ladies? Is that preventative veggies?
  10. Just some clover that I threw in as a cover crop. I read that clover can really help with nitrogen levels as well as loosening up really packed soil. 
  11. Hmm, wonder what peanuts would do as they have a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria called rhizobium.

    I plant them every year in a different spot to return nitrogen to depleted soil!
    Should also mention that all legumes do to my knowledge as well as soybeans.
  12. Finally found my way over here. I should have hopped on that solar spec order with you, me want. 
  13. Glad you made it mayne.  Well I might do another order after this run, will have to see where the ole wallet sits by then. They are intense and in tents.
  14. i think the correct ass hole idiom is [in]tents
  15. Damn those brackets. I am diggin the clover because it's also a good nutrient gauge. Some of the clover has turned red, boron deficiency perhaps.
  16. What's up everyone, promise I am going to get my lazy ass on here more.
    Blue Dream:
    Moonshine Haze Bonsai: 
    Might let her go, not sure yet
  17. Hey man, what soil mix are you running? Also, how close are your lights? Looks like you got quite a bit of bleaching there on your Skywalker and the Blue Dream is starting to get it too.
  18.  What's up Ph? I am actually using coco loco that I spruced up with EWC, lava rock, rock dust, neem, oyster shell, crustacean meal, alfalfa, and some kelp. It cooked for a good 2 months before I threw anything in it. You think it's light bleaching? I thought, at least for the Skywalker that it was a magnesium lock out due to not letting my water sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate, as for the Blue Dream I still think it's something with the soil because it's actually in shade of the Skywalker and some of my clover is redish, which I thought was a boron deficiency. Some of the clover is definitely bleached as well. I've had light bleaching on both of my previous grows but they were in flowering and the buds were a dead give away. Lights are 28" from the top of the Skywalker.
    Thanks in advance for the help brother. 
  19. Ahhh ok then, its most likely the soil. 
    Minerals are key factors in the photosynthesis equation, blotches, stripes & pale colors from shortages of minerals represent the mismanagement of chlorophyll. Sometimes its not just the lack of these nutrients but their delivery system into the plant that is the issue. Coco is notorious for causing issues similar to these as it doesn't contain a single sulfur ion & sulfur is needed to deconstruct mineral compounds like limestone, dolomite lime, oyster shell etc. By not fixing this you can add all the 'liming agents' possible but it would still not become bio-available to the plants roots. For example, your Oyster shell, Calcium Carbonate = CaCO3 which will remain intact until some form of acid hits it & now you have Calcium, Carbon, & Oxygen (x3). Same thing goes for other mineral compounds such as K-MAG, Potassium Sulfate, Sulfate of Potash, Magnesia, etc. Which is why Epsom salt can resolve many different issues & not because of the Magnesium but the Sulfur content being Magnesium Sulfate & all. 
    So in a nut shell Elemental Sulfur + Soil + Microbial action + Water = Sulfuric Acid. Sulfuric acid is how compounds are degraded to their base elements.        
    Another issue with coir is that it doesn't contain any Boron which is mandatory in order for a plant to absorb or adsorb calcium. Again you could dump all the elemental calcium that you want on a coir-based soil but without boron it still wouldn't be available to the plant.
    So I would advise ditching the coir for Peat Moss but until then getting some Agricultural Gypsum into your mix will help tremendously (1/2 to 1 cup per c.f). Gypsum is Elemental Calcium (Ca++) & Sulfur Oxide (SO4) and will provide you with the Sulfuric acid you need. You can also pick up some Potassium Silicate from Buildasoil and start doing drenches and foliars with it & it should start to help balance everything out.
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    Thanks man, I chose to rock the loco because a local store carried it and I didn't want to mix up my own soil and have to haul it around the country when I move. I will definitely pick up some gypsum and some Potassium Silicate. All of the new growth seems pretty healthy but it would be good to have all of my bases covered. 
    Totally forgot about my ProTekt.  :smoke:

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