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  1. Is it just me or is playing Skyrim while high the most epic thing of all time? I love it when I'm not high but when I play after a nice bowl or two its like I'm in Braveheart or something lol.

    What race/class did you pick and why?
  2. Khajiit thief, main perks in archery/sneak but he's only level 23. I'm not sure what I'm going to go into next because archery and sneak are almost full (about 4/5 full each).

    Alchemy and One-handed maybe?

  3. Wtf dude?!? Do you understand the context of Braveheart, the story and where it's set? It's nothing like Skyrim. :laughing:

    Go rip another bowl dude.
  4. Braveheart? Because of the beautiful land and sword fights maybe?
  5. I bought a tv JUST so I could play skyrim. Been smoking and playing for 8 hours now and showing no sign of stopping. Thief/wood elf (mainly archery, dual wield, and illusion/some alteration).

    Already been through up till this point on a friend's xbox before I got my copy. About to get to the new shit...<excited>.
  6. It sucks, I was so excited to play this game, I don't even play video games so obviously this game had something special about it. I downloaded it for free and it works great except my shitty graphics card, it's real choppy :(

    I was so stoked. Guess I'll have to actually buy a gaming system to play it, which means I'll probably never get to play it.
  7. Actually, there is at least one loading screen that totally reminds me of Braveheart.

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