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  1. Sooooo I just had a basic idea and though of what I wanted my character to be.. but I kept forgetting WHAT it was and i thought if I didnt write a little background I would forget through-out the game what my character, or WHO my character was, and act out of character. So I decided I would write a backstory to my character so I wouldn't forget and for fun....turned out to be a huge story :p

    ANYWAYS Anyone else that wants to do the same for fun and roleplaying to make their Skyrim gameplay better, feel free to post it here :)

    I never ever made a background or roleplayer for any game EVER before and I thought... you know what.. this game looks like it has AMAZING potential to it and it could be an astounding game that could have countless hours of game-play and 10x more fun if I actually build an entire new persona in the game, with a background and everything and play according to that player.

    So I did. I had a basic IDEA and THOUGHT of what I wanted the characters traits to be and then I pretty much used those ideas and just kept creating the story as I went hahah im a decent writer when I decide to write so I just kinda kept going and going as I wrote that, so thats how it got really long and detailed at some parts, and other parts not so detailed.

    Race: Orc
    Name: Hellscream (Warcraft)
    Age- Later 60s
    Build and Features-

    -He is a medium build, he is old so he has lost all of his muscle tone.

    -Both eyes he is blind, but he can see past his blindness and has used his years of being blind to overcome it.

    -Long Darker Greyish Beard with Dreadlock type hair to try to symbolize his age and yet his wisdom

    -Scars all across his face, mostly on the left side of his face from the Elven Wars he fought through and survived.

    His Bio:

    He was born in a stronghold to loving parents who taught him to be respectful to both male and females equally as they both are capable of the same amount of skills if they chose to do so. They taught him to be a very upstanding child, to be a loyal friend and son. Stand up for what he believed in, stand up for his friends, and to never let anyone tell him to believe something in which he did not believe for himself.

    This got him into some trouble growing up as he stood up for his many beliefs that he was taught at home by his parents, to stay true to their cities King, to stay true to where he has come from and stay loyal to his birthplace as well as to not tolerate disrespect from others if they did not come to a reasonable agreement. Due to this and him standing up for himself he got into many fights, was more of an outcast with few friends and one girlfriend growing up.

    Due to him being an outcast and the constant redicule by other Orcs, he decided to spend his time excelling at everything he could, being extremely well rounded in every single subject and ability possible. Instead of playing with friends on weekends when school was out, he was reading whatever books he could get his hands on. Listening to stories from the wiser older Orcs that had knew much more than he did. When he was unable to study or learn from the elders, he worked out as much as he could to get in as much physical shape as he was mentally.

    As he was growing up he continued this way of life. He kept his few friends, always stayed an outcast, and always was the number one student in his class and his entire school. No body liked him for that, they thought he was foolish for wanting to spend his time studying, and writing instead of doing what kids and teenagers were supposed to do.

    He was fourteen at the time and by this age he was in a very extraordinary phsyical shape, as well as mental capacity that of a average forty year old Mage or Sorcerer. All of the countless hours he had spent with the elders was put to good use, he was always an overachiever in this aspect, and his mental capaticity as well as his intelligent and memory was beyond anyone else's capabalilites. That was his downfall at this particular day.

    It was a stormy night as he was walking home from a local elder's house after he had just learned a new Magika spell that was able to produce a fireball of enormous intensity that it would burn a tree down if used and it had hit a tree. As he was making his way home, he heard screaming coming from the distance. He heard the distant screaming, and remembering his past experiences with his friends being harassed by school bullies and even himself, he recognized the types of screams. But the screams were louder than his or his friends ever were, more agonizing and full of pain than he ever heard before. He quickly ran towards the direction that the screams were faintly coming from. He ran through the fog, rain, and the thunder and lightening became intense . The screams became louder and louder. Crackles of lightening ripper through the sky. The thunder roared through the air as the dragons from the tales of the Elder's. He raced as quickly as he could until the screams of shear pain were right in front of him. He was infront of a dark cave, lit by torches, the screams echoing out. He darted into the cave without hesitantion as the the lightning struck a tree no more than 50 behind him.

    Inside the cave were two Orcs, ones that had bullied him his whole life. Ones that he had truly hated with a passion, and were raping a female that he knew from his school, he only knew her from a distance. Just by watching her and thinking to himself sometimes and just imagining being with her. And now he is standing with her at his feet and two others of which he hated, he couldn't believe what was occuring. He quickly and without hesitant brought together his hands and started the spell to conjure the fireball that he has just learned that would fully engulf the two in a blistering inferno and he paused. He paused because he remembers how he was brought up and raised. He was taught by his parents to never under any circumstances brutally harm another person, violence wasn't even acceptable unless it was completely in self-defense, as all of his previous encounter were in school, and murder, he was taught, was the most treacherous thing a person could ever do and would be damned for all of eternity if it had ever been done, not matter what the situation may be.

    Knowing these words, he hesitated. The two Orcs looked at him with rage in their eyes and started to take a step toward him. They knew that he could not escape with his life after just witnessing what they have been doing to this female. While they took two steps towards him, daggers out, he took a quick glance at the female. She was tied up with her hands behind her back, legs bound, her head has been scatched and beaten, her mouth has been gagged with a band and yet she was still able to let out a scream. He looked into her eyes and she looked in his, her eyes were glistening in the torchlight as a tear ran down her cheek. At that moment the two had made an emotional connection and he had made a decision that his life, and her life was more important that enternal damnation and the other two having their lives. He used the fireball spell, the two were killed within a minute and he untied her.

    He ended up becoming best friends with her, as well as becoming her girlfriend. She was the only person that ever could truly understand him, his motives and his way of life. That night changed him. He has just murdered two people, but for a good reason, but his mind has yet since been trying to make justice of it and the words of his parents have been burnt in his skull ever since " Eternal Damnation" . Ever since that night he had made a vow to change his ways, to do the King's and God's work. To make justice and repent for the Sin he had commited, murder outside of War.

    He spent the next five years of his life never fighting back to anyone that bothered him. He simply took whatever they did to him and did nothing in return but cast words upon them. He tried to use words to convey others, it worked sometimes, and other times it didn't work. But he said he shall never fight again, and he spent all of his time from then on learning, reading, trying to become an elder like the ones he visits one day. He didn't stop his physical training, because he wanted to also stay in phsyical shape because he knew he wouldn't be able to repay for his Sins by going on with his life by just becoming a Scholar and Master Sorcerer or Mage. He needed to find a way to for the Gods' to forgive him for the ultimate sin he had committed that one day. He knew the only way that he could do that would to do the God's bidding and the King's bidding, as the King's duty was God's duty.

    So his plan was to join the Imperial Army to use his astounding physical shape, as well as his unphathomable intelliegence and magika powers against those who apposed the army, and to make up for the murder he had committed. But before he could join the Imperial army at Age 18, a tradjedy and war had suddenly occured.

    The day before his 18th birthday, the day he would join the Imperial Army. The Elves unleashed an attack on the Orc Stronghold. They used everything they had to take the whole stronghold down. His Mother and Father went in the house as the Elves breached the outter walls and made their way inside the Stronghold. His Mother and Father, being in the Imperial Army in the past had told him to hide in the closet so they would not find him, and so they could fend off anyone who tried to come into their home. He did, he went into the closet. His parents didn't know of his strength and wouldn't because he vowed to not kill outside of being in the Army. The elves eventually came into the house and a battle ensued. He could not see out of the closest much due to there being barely anything to see out of. He could not tell what type of elves were in his house, or what was happening. He heard screams, he heard clashes of swords, yelling, grunts, slashing, thrusts, trampeling, then a door slammed and it was silent.

    After five minutes of silence he came out of the closet to see what had happened, what was the result . In the room he saw his Mother and Girlfriend was missing, and his father had been stabbed through the heart with what appeared to be a dagger wound. He was lying in a pool of blood. He ran over and his Father was barely breathing. His last and final words were "I will be watching you son. Find your Mother. Make me proud".

    It was at that moment he sought the path of retribution, revenge, and his quest to try to find his Mother. From that moment on he had undying hatred for the entrie Elven race. He doesn't trust any, and will kill any that are in his way. The only reason he would let one live, is if he needed to let one live to get what he needs or to get where he needs to go, being a person of revenge, he is also a person of respect and honor among people that help him. So he will not betray an elf after one has helped him, but he will kill any that he sees unecessary, because of the death of his father.

    From that moment on he has joined the Imperial Army, in hope of retribution. In hopes of revenge against the Elves. And in desperate hope to find his one true love and his Mother and once again be reunited.

    Sorry if this was long, or if some doesnt have to do with Elder Scroll Lore, I dont know much about it I just made it up and tried to not be too specific
  2. I just thought of something... with my guy being now very old... I hope I can find his wife, who would be very old now too, still alive o_O. His mother is definitely going to be dead or almost a skeleton hahaha. Think it would be hard to find his Wife after more than 40 long years of her missing, not recognizing her, just remembering her name Maria. She could have changed her name, died, been killed that day, moved across the globe, or she could still be very close but who knows the chance of find that old of a wife in the game :p.
  3. lol wow dude, you must love to type
  4. Nice man, very creative. :smoking: Might make a contribution myself if I come up with something soon.
  5. Race: Redguard
    Name: Will
    Age: Mid 20's


    - Tall

    - Lanky

    Bio: Will grew up in immense poverty and malnutrition. As a young boy his family did not have much, they could barely afford a roof over their heads. Day after day he would dream of one day becoming a Prince. Though only waking up to realize it was only a dream... Until, one day his life life got flipped-turned upside down and I liked to take a minute just sit right there and tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air. In west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool, and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one lil fight and my mom got scared and said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air" I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabby "Yo homes smell ya later" I looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air
  6. Someone write me a bio and I'm going make a character and play it. I'm to high and lazy to come up with one.

  7. You can use mine if you'd like hahah there is a lot to go with there and you can tweak yours a bit and change stuff around about some of his traits and what his goals and the rest of his life he is spenting trying to do instead of retribution for the murders he committed that one day, revenge on the whole Elven race for te death of his home Stronghold and his father, as well as the kidnapping and possible murder of his mother and girlfriend, and his quest for once again to be reunited with his mother and girlfriend once again.

    You can change these if you would like.

    Also, if you are looking for a different type of class of character.. Hellscream is going to be part of the Comapanion's Club (fighters). So he will be a warrior, that also knows magika though his Magika intelligence is long forgotten since he first joined the Imperial Army and became a warrior, but he still knows magic fairly well.
    but I posted this topic on gamefaqs and i got other people to write as well... here are theirs.

    ROLEPLAYERS - Tell Your Characters Story And Background/Bio Here! - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Message Board for Xbox 360 - GameFAQs
  8. I plan to keep track of Hellscreams story from has back-story up until this point in Skyrim when the game begins. So if you would like to read along on my story and adventure, please feel free to read :D. I will number each of the entries so you know which is an Entry of his story so far.

    1. After serving in the Imperial army for over 45 years, Hellscream had rose the ranks quicker than any other soldier in the History of Oblivion. He was a natural born leader, filled with charisma and fighting tactics that had impressed the earlier Generals in his earlier years. Once they truly started to see his potential in the Imperial Army, they promoted him as fast as the law's of the Imperial Army would allow them. He reached the rank of General within 25 years, which has never been heard of until him. Before him, the fastest someone was promoted General was 32 years of service. That alone showed just how valuable of an asset, and special Hellscream actually was.
    Many people in the Imperial Army befriended him because of his charisma and of how incredible of a soldier and leader he was . He took the time to show and teach each person that asked him, how to properly wield certain weapons, use certain fighting styles and tactics, and how to use your mental strengths to overcome and enemy rather than your physical strength. He felt that he was obligated to do this because of the elders that always taught him the ways that he now were putting to use. Because of Hellscream, the army became an unstoppable force with his training, for the fact that mental strength had never been taught to soldiers before, and every army that faced them was always strategically overpowered and destroyed.
    During this time in the army, and due to Hellscream's seemingly mythic like phsyical abilities, as well as intelligence, at night and during meals soldiers sometimes pondered how exactly a person could have such god-like traits. Stories were always told, made up ofcourse, that he wasn't even human, that he was a god among men and sent onto Oblivion to aid the Imperial Army. Other's told stories about legends of Dragonborns' and said that the only people they've heard of that have possessed such powers were previous Dragonbloods, but those were just old Legends. No one knew what Dragonborns' really were or if they existed, or if Dragons even existed, only scholars and people with a want to know specifically about Dragonborns and Dragons knew about the fact and ficiton of these people and mythical creatures.
    He served in the Imperial Army up until the point that he could see a change in the army. The older generals, leaders, captains and valued members that he knew when he onced joined had died or resigned from the army. New people were coming up from the ranks, people he didn't know as well and people that weren't as loyal as the other leaders. He didn't like them. Though he was the highest ranking General, he was not the only one. He saw corruption take over, and greed. Whenever an invasion in city was commenced the Imperial Forces came in and raped the women, and pillaged whatever they could. They Imperial Forces had become corrupt, disloyal, and lost sight that they were doing God's work.
    Hellscream being who he is and being a respecting person, loyal, and on a path of retribution could no longer stay in the Imperial Army which such corruption taking place. He did not want to be part of it anymore, he couldn't be part of it anymore. He felt if he stayed any longer he might fall into what everyone else had become and never be forgiven for his Sin.
    To Be continued....
  9. Haha cool idea
  10. I have two redguards and one of their names is Wolverine. Gave him those killer wolverine sideburns and the closest hair possible. Pretty much giving him the backstory of wolverine

    Age is unknown. Bitch lives forever. Pre-Adamantium Wolverine. Everyone using magic is pretty much concidered a mutant. Even the freaky looking fuckers.

    My wood elf is pretty much a stoner thief assassin not givin a fuck about shit

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