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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Ugyatag, May 16, 2011.

  1. Anyone done it? Any advice?

    I'm trying it for the first time tonight. I figure we'll just talk dirty to each other while we masturbate, but I'm sure it will be awkward at moments, so any advice is welcome.
  2. Don't skeet on your computer ;)

    Don't joke too much, but try to relax and have fun
  3. Microsoft is watching you..;)
  4. Bill Gates can jack off to me for all I care.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily call it 'sex' whenever you're just sitting there fapping at your computer.

    But have some fun. Relax and slap your hog around.
  6. done it, regretted it
    feels weird man
    and for the record it was someone I knew not just some random chick on the webz
    save that shit for the bedroom
  7. yea on chatroulette you just have only your penis being jacked off by you in the frame, no face, and say "show plz" in the text box...
  8. what has this world come to..
  9. Okay, for clarification, this is with someone I know.
  10. feels good man either way
  11. quick question, why does everyone always say "man"?

    and yeah im jking. its fine. even doing it with strangers.. :O

  12. coz i was quoting feels good man frog.
  13. lmao an ex actually talked me into this a few days ago im not really down for the cybersex shit too much and it was pretty gay.

    she made me cum on my cam. which made a mess on my screen. and my bed. and my keyboard.
    yeah, i came gallons.
  14. [​IMG]

    ah. ok. what about when its not syaing feels good man

    just, ''thats okay, man''
  15. because everyone here is a dick, man.
  16. i hate being called a dick, it's just kinda gross yo!

  17. so is a vagina but thats not stopping anybody.[​IMG]

    like, that shit looks like an alien.
  18. it does look like some shit that should be called Mentok the Mindtaker...which it does..:p

    Anything in particular you are curious about Ugytag?

  19. i see the most beautiful thing on the planet, idk wtf ur talkin about.

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