Skype blazing story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by OperationFicus, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So me and my friend always smoke on skype when were not together. And a few nights ago I did about 6 bong packs of chronic because I was in the mood. And apparently my friend said I was doing some stupid shit. He said I said my teeth look like chicklets (the gum) hahah:smoking: And also heres a picture...

    In my own world..

    Im a funny high:p
  2. When you were done with the basket on your head did you dance around and go 'Unts unts unts unts' to techno? :p
  3. Fucking twelve year olds *shakes head
  4. You have the body of a 14 year old, What disease did you say you had again?
  5. Why not talk to some girls on skype.
  6. uhm no? Its called 6 packs gets me too fucked up

  7. What the fuck did you just reply to?

  8. haha no but I do have a strobe light ;)

  9. why talk to girls on skype when you can have them over in your bed?
  10. Awww jealous. I hope you're utilizing that to its full potential.. raveraveraverave

  11. Unfortunately, For yourself. You do nor have neither.

  12. Strobe light + 3 sets of computer speakers + [ame=]DJ Splash Bass is Kicking - YouTube[/ame] = :eek:

  13. okay? thats cool because you know my life.

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