Skyking's Organic Auto Sring Run 2016

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  1. What a wonderful hobby. My reserve got too dry and harsh. Time for a new brew. I don't medicate heavily, I don't get carried away with my grows, and my style is pretty much basic agriculture: "Plant it, Water it, and it Grows". I've had good luck so far, but this time it's a 2+yr old bean. If she's not all dried up she should pop dirt by Fri. Chronic Ryder Auto Fem. I grow for myself and share with a friend or two. I'll be back when she's up.
  2. Sweet! Look forward to seeing her pop! Best of luck!
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  3. Thanx for stoppin in jme. Do you have a journal also. I see you are relatively new to the site and I sorta am also. I'm from the old site. I can't figure out how to get pix right in my journal; do you know where I should look for help about that?
  4. My tent is modest 2x2x5, just enough room for 1 plant to grow comfortably, although I've done 2 at once. I only grow auto's and I don't do any stress training's. If they get a bit too tall I just do a little selective harvesting of the taller kola's. I don't always get a prize winner, but I do okay. Below is one of my ladies just before chop; Easy Ryder. IMG_1348.JPG
  5. Opps! I figured it okay.
  6. Sorry haven't checked back in a bit, I've been around grasscity for a while but not really sure how the forums work anymore as I just recently started coming back to read. My journals are over on roll it up under JustnBlaze they are old few years at least back. I don't think I documented my Easy Ryder but that's looking really nice and full. I like smaller runs because you can pay more attention to em and give them lots of love. I personally have ran more than auto's and I prefer auto's 100%.
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  7. Subbed up Sky, have fun with your new grow and good luck!
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  8. Thanx for subing Hunt. She popped dirt overnite, right on target. (3/26/16)
  9. :Love-Plant: Okay - now that she's up, here's the deal:
    I'll keep reference notes like this throughout the grow. BTW, this is a Spring Run, not a Sring Run. I believe I was blitzed again :confused_2:.
    3/26/16; Popped dirt 3 days after planting right in a 2 gal pot I'll use until chop.
    Soil - Ocean Forest. Nut's - Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.
    Chronic Ryder Auto Fem - bean is 2yrs old.
    2x2x5 tent in basement, 250w Super HPS & wing reflector, 18" from seedling to bulb, 20on/4off timed.
    Heat @ seedling level 84*, humidity low (22%). Added tray of water to tent. Outside temp 48-38*.
    7" circulating fan, 195CFM ventilation to outside of house.
    8" Phresh filter, not hooked up until there's a noticeable odor outside.
    My last auto grow (Berry Ryder) I used a 400W Super HPS and my plant got way too huge for my modest little tent. I hope this 250W'er doesn't effect her potency. I'll have pix at various stages or if I have problems with the way she's growing. Ain't no turnin back now. Here's a little pot porn: IMG_1350.JPG
  10. :yay:She's up: Been up 10 days, 2 nodes & a 3rd showing, 2 1/2in height, 1st feeding today. My camera is on loan at this time, sorry. I should have pic's by 4/12. I've had a tough time with conditions in general. It's still a bit cold here in NE (snowing), and the humidity is still in it's winter phase (low), so, I have to rely on a small quartz heater at lights off, and a humidifier at lights on. Did I mention, I'm growing in my cold 50* basement? She's tiny, but it's early. I'd actually like it if she stayed short so I can get another one in my modest 2x2 tent. I'm hoping using my 250W HPS will help me out there. I've only ever used a 400W HSP exclusively. I may also use that here if I see a need to. She'll let me know.
    I'll be back around the 12th, or if something of worth happens. For now I'm fillin a bowl and blend back into the field of green with the rest of the Blades. Oh, my regards to you on 4/20 at 4:20:love-m3j:.
    Ciao, and thanks for stopping by.
  11. Day 12: I'm not so savvy with this camera, but here's a couple. She's 3 whole inches small, 3 nodes showin and a 4th growin, even has some sides showin. Sounds like a country song. Remember Merle. IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1938.JPG
  12. 18 Days and she's on her way. ChronicRyder: 7 inches short, 7 nodes 1 comin in, sides on every node, some sticking out of the canopy already. Had a tough time getting the heat/humidity at optimum at both lights ON and OFF. Water trays in the tent and a small quartz heater on a timer did the trick. She has a few hairs here and there, and will start to grow rapidly, hopefully stopping her vertical growth on her own. This is usually a good point to start some LST, but because the inter-node spacing is so tight and the trunk is already 1/2" thick, I'm leaving her alone to do her thing. She's just too nice a plant to be messin with. The only LSTing I have done is tucking the fan leaves allowing the sides to get more light, and that is hardly any stress on the plant at all if you're gentle.
    I'm gonna try to keep her short (28-30") with the light to plant ratio. I'm using my 250W HPS vs my 400W HPS and so far it's been plenty for the plant. At 14" from canopy to light she seems happy so there she stays until she tells me to back off. I'll do whatever she wants. I am her slave. Enjoy, thanx for lookin...
    CRyder 7in day 18 Spring 2016.JPG
    CRyder 1in node space day 18 Spring 2016.JPG CRyder 7in busy canopy day 18 Spring 2016.JPG
  13. Day 26: 18" from soil, coming along nicely. Well into flowering. She grows an average of 2" a day right now. I tuck the giant fan leaves most every day. So far I have a main cola and 8 sides showing at canopy. Many little bubble gumer's on the interior which I will probably remove soon to promote fuller cola's at the canopy. I'm eager to find out just how well this 250W HPS will do, vs my 400W HPS. With my 400W'er 2&3oz auto's were common. IMG_1944.JPG IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1946.JPG
  14. Day 43 ChronicRyder: Buddalisious. 26" dirt to top and she has stopped vertical growth. The sides are now cola's. The main cola is fattening up nicely. Have a tiny bit of leaf tip burn happening, got too excited with the Tiger Bloom. The tric's are just starting to show all the way to the bottom of the plant, but there's no odor yet. IMG_1956.JPG IMG_1954.JPG IMG_1955.JPG
  15. Day 61: Fast to mature, it's done. The tric's are how I like em, the cola's are humongous, looks like a heavy yielder - my guess 3z's+. I'll leave her in the tent, lights off vent on and chop her when the planter is all dried out. My photography sucks, but the idea is there. See ya after chop. I'll be back w/pics, it aint working right now.

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