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  1. I'm finally going up, on Friday, 13th. Im stoned off my ass now, but will be going up/down sober. uh..any last minute advice? haha...i'll let y'all know how went later.
  2. I have some advice. DON'T GO ON FRIDAY THE 13TH. Teehee. That was hilarious. "Hey I'm goin skydivin on friday the 13th" and I cracked up..
  3. make sure u have a parachute!
  4. have a good time and don't hit the

  5. not too hard anyway :)

    I suggest not being stoned. I always thought about it, but Id never want to not have a clear head. I take it you havent jumped before? you're going LOVE it. Im excited for yeah! I wanna hear the story when you land! :D rock on with yea bad self!!!!!!
  6. Well Heres the update.
    Got to the airport around 3:00pm and watched a 10 minute video along with a 10 lecture on what to do. training was done. I went Tandem, so there wasn't much I could mess up. The weather looked really overcast with a low cloud ceiling. We had to wait and wait for the weather to clear up. Then it started to sprinkle and didn't look very hopeful. We kept waiting and my friends cottage (2 minutes from the airport) and then we saw a Cessna Caravan over the lake. We called up the airport and they said they sent one group up to take a look, and possibly jump. We decided to go to the airport and wait some more. We saw the plane directly above us and saw a few dots near it for just a moment before they disappeared. We saw them a minute later when they opened their chutes. They all landed and we were excited again with some hope. One guy had to cut his main chute and use his reserve. He landed in a field about a half-mile from the airport. We finally got suited up and headed out. there were about 6 others with us. We climbed through the ceiling I think around 10,000ft, but I don't think I was paying much attention. We definitely jumped above the clouds because it was great going past them. As we climbed up to 14,000 the door opened and that's when a huge smile came across my face :D The instructor strapped to my back and I crept down the bench as about 4 climbed out and held on the plane, then jumped together. Then it was my friends turn, then my turn. I crept up to the side door of the plane, and kneeled on both knees. Arched my body back a little bit and before I knew it the horizon kept switching from earth to sky to earth to sky real fast. I looked down and try to shout for joy, but my loudest shout sounded like a whisper. Freefalling, a photographer with a Still camera and video camera came right by us. He was with arms reach. then kinda floated off. It was really cool. Then the first smaller chute opened and I only had enough time to realize what was going to happen before it did. MAJOR WEDGIE FROM HELL!!! Really...worst in my life.. the main chute opened and everything went quite. very surreal. Then he started turning hard left and hard right, to make us go almost sideways. Even at this point we were about 5000ft up and everything still looked really small ;) He maneuvered us to almost meet up with my friend and his instructor, but there chute was smaller making them sink faster. We gave up and started circling around some more. he kept doing small maneuvering circles to line us up with the target, which was the airport we took off from. The ground came up really fast, lol... Anyway, above 5 feet from the ground my instructor told me to stand, and I stood with a semi-hard impact. Completely worth everything I had to do and spend to go up and have that great experience. Down the road I do have plans for getting certified though :)

  7. NICE KB!!!!
    rock on!
    yes, it is pretty surreal..almost indescribable the feeling your mind and body gets..:) glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    it is worth saving up for. thats pretty much all I plan on saving for for fun this summer. I have one jump prepaid, lol, so does my dad, well see if the old man follows through on that. :) he talked so much smack, I had to buy him one lol :D

    I would love to eventually get certified. its a dream, a goal I want to do, but the money has got to be there to go through the jumps/school first things first..

    and now for you others that were saying they wanted to do it this summer! lol..I wanna be hearing more flying adventures!!!!
  8. for the life of me i cannot understand why anyone would wan't to jump out of a perfectly good working airplane :D

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