Skydiving! Yay!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 30, 2002.


Flying the adreneline sky

  1. Hell No! Im good on the ground thanks.

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  2. Hell Yes! Id go for some flying!

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  3. Hell, Ive already been!

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  4. Hell, I went today!!!

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  1. I had to add the option just went today (hehe) cause I just got back!!!!!!!! MAN! is skydiving an INCREDIBLE experience. Ill tell you, [​IMG] I LOVE TO FLYYYYY! Me and the bro decided to do something nice and crazy before he left cross country due to his I figured, hell lets jump outta a plane! It was a really nice expeirence especially because we got our *own plane! how sweet is that. I never have been so excited to get up at 5:30 in the morn! (after hitting some sweet microbreweries the night before! ;) )
    so has anyone else been? or thinking about it? I think if you're thinking about it....get your butt up in the air asap! [​IMG]
  2. i would love nothing more than to jump out of a perfectly good air plane with a sheet strapped in a back pack on my back....

    its just the part about ruining a good pair of pants that concerns me...

    but fuck yeah, do i want to jump out of a plane...that kinda goes along with my career into a burning building while sane people are running out screaming thier heads off.
  3. FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK NO

    I have feet because I belong on the ground!!!!!!!!!

    I don't have wings>>> That means I don't fly!!!!


  5. My thoughts exactly, I don't even like flying when I stay inside the plane ;)
  6. OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am SO jealous, Sensi!!!!!!!!!!! You freakin' ROCK, girl!!!!! I want to go skydiving so bad! I want details! Can you give me details???
  7. i think the wet spot in the crotch of her pants is details enough...oh..wait...she didnt say that...................

    well..i know if i did, there would most definately be a wetspot
  8. Your supposed to pee before you sky dive Norm!
  10. im jealous too!

    wish i could jump out of a plane

    so far oppertunity has eluded me
  11. i want to jump out of a whale
  12. thats definitely on my list of shit to do before i die.. i just need to get the funds together ;) ..i think somewhere on erowid theres an acid report where the guy went skydiving, and at sunrise too.. fuck man that would be SOOO unbelievably crazy

    *goes to get plane, parachute, and acid

    ..fuck im high
  13. PP hows it hangin man? long time no see
  14. We should all hook up and go skydiving together!!! There couldn't be anything cooler than a bunch of blades from The City jumping out of a plane together!!!!!!!!!
  15. with those smoke thingies attached to our the blunts generating all that smoke!!

    hahaha, i crack myself up
  16. yeah man i havent been here for a while.. my comp has been really fucked up for like the last week, but i just got my friends dad to fix it today..

    so many unread threads...

    *sweating, clenched teeth

  17. hahaha, yeah i know how that goes..glad to see mario tho :D
  18. I'd definitely like to try it some day.

    Ain't nothing better than a woman with wet pants. Either that or a small asian woman that enjoys back rubs.

  19. lol, ok well honestly, you cant decribe it!! I asked people before I went and they said the same thing, its just so hard to describe. feelings far too extreme for any words! But ill tell you the best I can....THE ADRELELINE you feel is absolutly crazy. The excitement leading up to it, when your hanging out the open parts of the plane looking down at your decent! the chills never go away!! the feeling of flyyyyying!!! I would put this feeling up against any high of any drug, any touch, any sexual encounter, anything. I have just felt the best thing of my life on sunday, FLIGHT. the freefall was about a mile long. amazing. then another mile cruising the clear blue skys like a bird with the shute. twirling round n round. landing was sweet and the grin on my face finally faded when i slept last night. (i think!!! cause im still grinning now!!!)
    Afterwards you feel like you can take on the world. its a crazy high that you get. They taped us, so we watched the tape right then. The high came back!!!! it was crazy!! After about an hour, it felt seriously like we were coming down and crashing. I suppose any high would do that to yeah. When we got back to our parents house, tired as hell, we watched the tapes again, and the feeling came back!!!! its crazy i tell you!!! I know Ill be watching that tape a least a lot till the next time I go! lol, Im a dork, i know, but I had to watch it one last time before dozing off last night. Its just so incredible, the feeling, the experience.
    SO with all that rambling...if you think your game, you gotta go!! youd love it! no regrets. lol, thanks for letting me rant about that. ;) peace!
  20. Would love to go, i know there is a local place somewhere where I could pay and do it. One day, one day soon. bwahahahaa =)


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