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Skydiving while ripped

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gruju, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So one of my friends has decided to skydive while baked in a few days. He's never skydived before and i read a story here a few days ago of someone getting really high, causing blood pressure to decrease, then quickly standing up causing a rush of blood and them passing out, can this same principle be applied to skydiving?

    It's a tandem skydive so he doesn't have to activate parachutes or anything but does he still run the risk of passing out, possibly a few times from having a lowered blood pressure from weed, then changing altitudes and jumping out of a plane?

    Not sure if it would be possible, but they might repeatedly passed out due to a ever changing pressure in the body, anyone have any experience or can provide some input would be appreciated.
  2. ive heard that your high is gone at the end of the trip because of the adrenaline going against your relaxation
  3. hell no I would never do that shit, I'd be so fucking scared
  4. man yeah youd lose ur high as soon as you left the plane... you ever been baked and had pigs come up and kill everything? itd prolly be a buzzkill unless you were used to it
  5. I couldn't do it.

    The adrenaline would counteract with the chillness of the high. Unless the guy is really used to skydiving. Then maybe? No clue.
  6. Sounds fun and as long as hes not scared he should be able to enjoy the high all the way to the ground. think about amusment parks, those are fun as fuck high.
  7. Ive been wanting to do this for years. If he goes through with it let us know how it goes
  8. sky diving while high is just asking to die in my opinion lmao. im scared of skydiving anyway.
  9. The sheer awesomeness of skydiving will completely sober him up anyway. I guess if you've been skydiving a bunch of times, doing it high would be awesome.
  10. I've gone skydiving dude. Seriously he should NOT do that. Your risk of heart attack while on pot is already about 4 times normal (it's been proven, due to blood pressure increases) and coupling that with skydiving may actually hurt him.

    On top of which, he won't get as much out of the experience stoned, trust me. It's about being very alive and thrilled, not being relaxed. If you can talk him out of this, I would.
  11. If I didn't pass out, being baked would probably make me even more nervous. Starting to think about thinking about thinking about thinking..yeah.

    I want to try skydiving really bad though.
  12. I wouldn't do it because you could really fuck yourself up if you mess up the landing, which is best done sober
  13. i could've sworn this thread title said skydiving while rapped. lol. but getting high while skydiving sounds vicious
  14. Nah you wanna eat some shrooms, man lol just kidding "cough im not kidding cough".
  15. Alright so i went skydiving last weekend. First off it is awesome!!!! I was going to try and do something like your buddy and be high so i smoked on the way to the drop zone only problem was i was the last person to jump(ended up waiting like 3+ hours) so i was not high. Either way he will have a blast. I am happy i smoked on the way there otherwise i would have been pretty bored. The feeling when you first get out of the plane is so badass.
  16. Just make sure you lift your feet up high, the people that do tandems know what they are doing. Just listen to them.
  17. Theirs somethings you should experience sober, skydiving is one of them, just like sex.
  18. Fuck skydiving. I had an acquaintance get killed a couple years ago doing it. He took his girlfriend skydiving and they were going together. She jumped first and he jumped behind her a few seconds later. He made it to the ground before she did and didn't get up. Get my drift?

    If I want to see high places, I'll go to Alaska and climb a mountain.

    But to anwser your question, you won't be high. Maybe eat some edibles right before you get on the plane. But your adrenaline will be pumping so hard it will demolish your high.
  19. there are other substances I would do while skydiving but none of which I'm allowed to talk about anymore :D
  20. Thanks for the input guys, we pretty much came to the conclusion just to have a big vape bowl before hand then drive up and by the time we are there and he's ready and up on the plane his high will pretty much be gone, or whatever is left will be counteracted with the andrenaline.

    However it is a tandem dive, so there isn't much that can go wrong if to say he was high since he doesn't control anything really the other guy does all the work. I'll post back in around 24 hours tell you what we did and how it went.

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