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Sky Glass tube

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Headway420, Jun 28, 2009.

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    This is my glass on glass tube from sky glass in Oregon (picked up in Vermont).
    The side opposite of the shroom there is a chunky marble with pepe le pews stoned face in it. Ill have to get another pic up a little later. Oh yea theres an inch layer of diffuser beads in it too, it rips extra smooth. Let me know what you heads think.:bongin:

    edit: here ya go, grasscitys shittiest milk shot ever, camera phones suck balls.

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  2. nice bong, i've never heard of Sky glass. How's the hit?
  3. I guess theyre based in Oregon, Ive only found one site that sells some of theyre stuff and they dont have a big selection really. It hits amazingly, especially compared to the cheap glass bongs I was used to.
  4. anyone have an opinion?
  5. I have hit a bunch of Sky Glass tubes in my day. Had a friend who had a four footer Sky and another with a 3 1/2 footer SKy. They rip like champs man and have really quick clears. Definitely quality and nothing beats clearing four feet of smoke like nothing. Loved those tubes. The downstem alone on the four footer was over 2 feet because the joint was in the middle of the tube so you could light it yourself. ;)

    ahhh good times. nice pickup man. looks dadank.
  6. Haha, thanks man. It draws like a pencil for sure.:D I think I saw a four footer with a two foot downstem on another online shop, it had the same slide as mine and looked sick but Id be afraid of tipping it one day. Im lookin for something with a perc or two in it next, maybe in the 200-300 dollar range. Does anyone know my best bet for a percd tube in that price range?
  7. damn thats it. oh well.
  8. could you maybe get a bigger pic? Having trouble seeing it.
  9. cute little tube :D

    hmmmmmmmmmmm governmint , lux, syn, wicked sands, medicalli & hvy
    All those companys make good tubes in your price range with percs.

    I'm partial to governmint because I own one and their craftsmanship is very very good (everything is 5mm including the dome percs blown by them which work great)
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    I have an opinion! So rarely do people ask...

    Sky Glass rocks it! I have an 18" straight tube with a Felix the Cat millie and it hits great. She's my daily for the moment, pretty happy to find this up here in Canada. I think Puff distributes them. Sky Glass has earned a good reputation for themselves.

    Glad to see some Sky Glass love. Oregon is a pretty sick state for glass!

    Edit: Didn't realize you said glass on glass. That's awesome, my baby's a gromment, thought most were actually.. Are they offering both now?
  11. I was surprised I found a glass on glass one myself, all the ones I saw on this online headshop were grommet,too. This headshop in Vermont had mostly grommet ones and a few GoG, so Id say they have both now.Oh and the joint seals the downstem beautifully.
  12. Never heard of Governmint, Ill have to look into their work, and I had Lux in mind, as well.
  13. Never hit the tubes but props on the name, I always get a kick out of that.. Govern Mint haha
  14. I have a dope 1 footer SKY glass bong I got from Magic Man in grantspass Oregon its straight clear, beaker bottem, and ice catcher. Picked it up for $50 best deal I've found on any SKY piece I found exactly the same one on superioursmoker.com for $70. Oregon has some of the best glass in the USA in my opinion. My bong hits fat white wall every time. You have a cute piece there too I lile the mushrooms and the coloring.

    For your question about some bong websites. Bongoutlet.com is the best online so far, some of the best prettiest bongs ive found look lile really good quailty and a good bang for ur buck there pretty cheap, the downer for me was u have to have a credit card though no debit. And if u only have a debit card gogopipes.com is a pretty good site
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    The bongs I want from bong outlet com, no credit card tho :(

    803.jpeg <---- $45 ~ 10 inches.

    1058.jpeg <---- $55 ~ 12 inches.

    669_0.jpeg <---- $60 dope bubbler/bong

    1023.jpeg <---- $200

    996.jpeg <---- $75 I believe.

    The bongs I want from gogopipes.com


  16. ^eww those all those pretty shitty honestly
  17. For someone who wants a cheap good quailty bong not really. I just recomended foe someone who wanted something cheap.

    This is the bong I'm getting. I already have the basic beaker bottem 12". Want another SKY glass with some percs.

    Now this IS a great quality bong know from experiense with this brand.

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    i have not yet tried any of the Sky scientific glass but it looks much nicer than those cheap bongs.
    i have a Sky 4 or 5 footer but it doesnt have a GonG downstem so i dont ever use it.  i've used older non-GonG Sky 1 and 2 footers and loved them both, 90s tubes i believe.

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