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    I'm back guys :smoking: Basically i'm running a super low budget indoor closet grow, so far i have a 200watt cfl red spectrum and i'm flowering 2 plants both females about 2 weeks into flowering i started outdoor.

    I don't have a timer yet, I've ordered one of amazon -_- so the light cycles 12/12 9 to 9 so i'm setting my alarm and waking up at 9 to turn on the lights :p

    I'll probably scrap them because i'm germinating some American Kush seeds i got off attitude should be all germinated in another 2 to 3 days time, and the plants i had going outdoor didn't really go to well just a bit of fun with a couple of seeds i got, might keep the indica one though.

    i'm thinking about getting another 125 CFL to go in there and a fan.

    So far the total cost of this has been £40 for the light £3 for the soil £2 for the pots £20 for the seeds and nutrients have been free, got some from a friend. so £65 grand total should only really come up to £100 all together.

    Pics coming soon best subscribe blades should be an interesting one this year first indoor journal as well. :smoking:

  2. i shall subscribe
    do your thanng

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