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Skunky Ganja Pickup *Ellensburg, WA* (I Shit you not)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by catalysto, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. ellensburg is notoriously flooded with shitty outdoor hayed bullshit and its been a struggle finding the kind herb, and has been quite an adjustment since i moved over here.

    The wait is over :smoke:





  2. mmmm nice!
  3. looks pretty damn good to me.
    let us know how its smokes:smoke:
  4. bud is real firm, crumbles a bit when you break. Has a nice pungent skunk odor that reminds me alot of super skunk but its not QUITE that strong. Watching the orange hairs get eaten by the flame is very entertaining.

    Tastes like manicured refined dank. Like if this bud had grown up to be a respectable member of society but still smoked high grade cheeba on the weekends.

    Very much a full blooded sativa also if you cant tell already :p
  5. Looks real dank man, I bet it just reeks huh? xD
  6. its almost impossible to find a good small container to hold it in because the smell blows through any barrier so quick

  7. Hahaha word :smoke:
  8. Nice buds bro.

    What is the mass?
  9. picked up 2.0 for $20. I am still very impressed with the high from this bud, even after smoking it for two days, it gets me lifted very nicely :smoke:

  10. god damn, you must not be so bright.

    this thread is a year old, its not allowed to ask for hook ups, thanks for wasting time. :smoking::smoking: :rolleyes:
  11. lol @ central?

    man there is som much dnak in WA. medical lockdown. there is a delivery service in leavenworth/wenatchee, and a few guys up around the pass (cle elum)
  12. Looks fire.

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