Skunk Red Hair/Four Way Special

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ReMpTiOn, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I just got a pre paid credit card and will be ordering from DR Chronic.But I need your opinions.which stain should I get (Skunk Red Hair)OR(Four Way Special )..Also which strain would be better to grow oudoors
  2. I'm not familiar with either strain, but my best advice for you would be to not get caught up on the strain name. Really, it mostly depends on how you grow it. You could grow some northern lights with almost no care and end up with some schwag, or you could grow some bagseed with proper care and end up with some real kill. It really all depends on how you grow it. If there's a big price difference, hell go with the cheaper one. Just pick one and get growing. :)
  3. ^good advice. I would say skunk red hair because i love skunk but go with anyone you want just give it proper care.
  4. Well I ended up going with original haze x skunk
  5. cool are you gonna have a grow log for that?
  6. most likely since its my first grow with none bag seeds ill PM you the day I get my seeds in.and i got a little question.if I grow outdoors and I my plants get some big nugs.and it rains will the rain desolve the THC?
  7. good question. i do believe it does but not in a great deal unless it rains constantly.anybody who can clear this up?and im lookin foward to seein it remption!:)

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