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  1. hey all, been a long while since i have visited here:( sorry... like many of you will remember me,LOL.
    anyways here is a pic of some smoke i recently(spll??) toked on :) its skunk X jamacan, damn was it good.

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  2. DAMN!!.....just burned my monitor tryin' to light that shit up!!!
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    <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">Welcome back growguy... Those are some funky lookin' buds... I have never seen any buds with an orange color spread through them... They look hella good though...
    I wish I knew how they taste! [​IMG]

    Ahh well, I hope you enjoyed them... And i'll enjoy this fat bowl i'm about to smoke... [​IMG]

    P.s., I want to go to Jamaica! Take me growguy! hehe... [​IMG]
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