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Skunk Breed or Organic Weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chronic777, May 29, 2009.

  1. #1 Chronic777, May 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2009
    Natural organic weed or genetically modified skunk weed?

    Ive smoked skunk weed for years & recently ive started smoking normal organic weed (the stuff with seeds in it, kinda like thai weed)
    Real earthy herby smelling stuff.

    This weed is the best high, its what weed is supposed to be like, happy, no paranoia, you still have energy to do things, it makes you a bit hungry, it gives you the giggles.
    Rather then just getting couch locked & lost in your head.

    The cannabinoid content of normal weed is higher than that of skunk breeds which only concentrate on THC factor, which can cause phychosis.
    Infact there was a documentary on the BBC that prooved this, that new skunk breeds have missing antipsychotic components that occur in normal balanced organic weed.

    I only smoke the real green now, its so much nicer :smoking:

    Of course if you just wanna get 'fucked up' then go for the skunk, but if you want a natural organic entheogenic high then you gotta go for the earthy green

  2. genetically modified? im confused it sounds like you saying skunk or hi quality weed is worse than reg that just makes you giggle and get hungry. well i would say smoke whatever you like the best but its all "real green".

  3. which skunk, the strain "skunk" , or one of many many strains referred to as skunk ?

    Natural organic weed is simply weed grown without additional chemicals like ferts.

    genetically modified , not really sure what this is .

    you mean selective breeding ? grafting ? cross pollenated (across strains = cross breeding)

    how many years you smoked ?
  4. Ive been smoking for almost ten years now...

    Basically the light green stuff is not naturally occuring, its genetically alterted, crossbred, chemically grown etc.... the dark green stuff is naturally occuring & organic.

    The stuff Rastas smoke

    All i can truly say is i smoked light green stuff for years, now im smoking dark green stuff i feel 100% better for it

    Just a suggestion really....
  5. this is innaccurate
  6. There is no such thing as 'genetically modified' weed. Every strain people smoke, grown organically or chemically, is the result of breeding, not genetic engineering. Even the landrace strains were bred by indigenous people in the areas they came from and are not 'natural' in the sense that they are the result of centuries of breeding.


    BS. The color has nothing to do with if it was organic or chemically fertilized.
  7. I was always under the impression that "organic" weed was just another way of growing i.e. not hydroponically. I don't think cross-breeding comes into determining if a strain is "organic" or not. I've had the same strain grown hydroponically and organically, and the difference is definitely noticeable.
  8. It's not even that. You can do a 100% organic hydropnic grow just as well as you can do a 100% organic soil grow.

    The only difference is the type of nutrients used.
  9. This is in seasoned tokers? Guy, every strain of every weed has a different cannaboid balance, so every high is different. There is no genetically modifying, just crossbreeding, fertilizing, etc. It's how you grow the weed dude. :)
  10. THIS,

    in other words, organic is natural, and non-organically grown weed is with chemical plant foods such as shultz, miracle grow etc. what I think your trying to say is you like weaker bud because DANK is too strong for you
  11. Sounds like someone has been listening to propaganda. Something tells me that even the best breeders in the Netherlands don't have access to gene sequencing equipment and other shit needed to "genetically engineer" weed. If any group has, it would be the government. Sounds like you need a weed education.
  12. Im just talking about my own experinece of smoking really, not scientific stuff

    All i can say is i feel so much better smoking Rasta weed rather then potent stuff covered in trichromes


  13. You feel better smoking "Rasta weed" rather than stuff covered in trichromes? And you actually thought this should go in seasoned?
  14. The funny thing is most 'Rasta weed' I've had over the years, and that's quite a bit, was TOTALLY covered in trichs ;)

  15. i agree man. i notice a big difference when smoking "skunk" strains and feel a lot better with the natural, or strains with high canniboid levels vs high thc levels. ic opted for indica strains which are lower thc levels then sativas, but yeah maybe i just need some natural stuff which gives a better balance.

    high thc levels makes me feel parinoid and i am more prone to anxiety, espically when im around people that im not comfortable with. although even alone it can happen.

    i am a seasoned vet when it comes to the shit, so dont blame it on inexperiance for those of u that will.
  16. This threads jam packed with fail.
  17. Yeah but it is organic fail so it's good for you.
  18. :laughing:

    Lmfao, perfect reply man, perfect :D
    I couldn't stop laughing at the "I smoke rasta weed with little to no trichomes" :rolleyes:
  19. What are you talking about? Genetically altered? As in addiotanal chemicals sprayed on it, ofcourse that is bad. But skunk is a strain of weed that is as well organic. I'm sorry if i misunderstood you but you have no idea what your talking about. I think this should be in apprentice.
  20. am i wrong in thinking that u can grow your weed to produce higher levels of thc levels over canniboids or is that myth too?

    for seasoned tokers u guys are missing the point that there are two active chemicals that produce different effects. take into account that everyones body chemistry reacts differently.

    i dont doubt the guy has been smoking for years just because he isnt hitting the nail on the head with his explaination.

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