Skunk #1

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  1. Who has had experience with this strain? Looked up plenty of info the last couple of days but its all outdated. While some of those things may remain true( on how to grow it best) I'd rather get some advice from someone who knows what's best in 2013 and not 2003.
  2. Water it. Feed it. Give it light.
  3. it smells like cheese when you break it up
  4. i've never had skunk #1 smell like cheese it usually smells like hmm skunk haha.

  5. Brawndo for electrolytes or just regular toilet water fine?

  6. This guy knows his stuff! Haha

    this is it in a nutshell!

    skunk no1 is a classic. pretty easy to grow should have fairly wide leaves that collect alot of light. they're pretty hardy.
  7. Brawndo, it has what plants need. Electrolytes and stuff.
  8. Also its the same plant still grows well with traditional methods. I dont know bout all the modern methods but skunk grows great its pretty hard to fuck up
  9. skunk is two sativas and one indica, it doesnt really have fat leaves, especially after maturing
  10. Skunk no1 has quite wide leaves. fact
  11. i take back what i said. for some reason, skunk #1 is considered an indica dominant hybrid..and i dont understand why. its bred with two sativas and one indica, and its buds form like sativas form, with foxtails and everything.

    very confusing.

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