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  1. 4 weeks in. You guys think she'll fill out much more?? 170watt cfl grow.

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  2. In fact them pics were taken about 4-5 days ago but she hasn't really changed much since
  3. Looking nice, yes they should fill out lots more. These were mine at 8.5 weeks under 170w of cfl. At 4 weeks they looked very much like yours. Ambrosia strain btw

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  4. You've got several weeks to go. When I still had the original Sk#1, it would take 10 weeks indoors under a 400HPS in soil. It may take longer than that to reach full maturity under CFLs. HTH.

    BTW, those are just starting to flower good.
  5. Thanks guys.... You gave me my hope back, wasn't sure I I was gonna get much the website says 45-50 days So i was worrying. Ive heard skunk #1 can take 10 weeks or more
  6. Yeah, if it's the original, which I don't even know if it exists, it's a 10 weeker indoors. Those seed sites seem to make everything finish 3 weeks early LOL! It looks like Skunk though.
  7. Well I get them out a shop but they are sensi seeds. I just hope it looks like the picture soon.!

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  8. At week 4 you're looking good. My Skunk #1 from White Label seeds went 10 weeks. At around 7 or 8 you will definitely start to see some fattening up. Weird thing about my Skunk #1 is that it smelled nothing like Skunk and barely had any odor.
  9. skunks supposed to reakkk.. interestingg
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