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  1. theres pics of 3 of the 4 seedlings i have along with some of the nutes i use others are piced in other threads
    this has been a very weird plant since it is saposse to be mostly sativa it grows more indica like but leave it upto sensi to get a good short sativa i'll be posting updated pics next week-end these pics are 3 days old and they already look bigger and more bushy since the pics were taken

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  2. pics kinda blurry but very nice grow... message me with new pics in 2-3 weeks..... Happy Growing
  3. if i can rember that far ahead in time they will be updated here next week-end
  4. Your not giving them full nutes are you? Get a bigger pot.
  5. yes they get nutes that help with root growth i keep them in thes pots till they show sex becuase of all the seedlings i started at the same time strawberry cough, skunk#1, blue mystic, haze, bubblegum, mango,ak-48, leda uno i started 5 of each and the veg room was not ment to hold as many as i have in it and i don't want to throw any away till i at least get to smoke from the clones to see which of each strain is the most potant and then i will only keep the most potant but thanks for your concern i've been doing it this way for the last 2 years and i useuly get a 70% females so i must be doing something right but once again thanks for your concern
  6. I gotta ask...

    Why do you need 4 threads for one grow? :confused:
  7. each plant is a differant grow as each grow differant thay are just in the same room if i put all the new strains i got growing all in 1 thread i would have to use the first whole page just to get all the pics in this way with 1 per journal then as people have questions i can keep the staight were as if i had them all in 1 and someone ask how much nutes you feed them i will know which one there talking about since differant plants have differant watering scheduals
  8. Hey man. I got skunk growing at the moment, man its a wierd strain. It looks strange and does things ive never seen before, be prepared for the stretch coz i werent and ive had to bend an tie mine all over to keep em under control. Ill post some pics up today in my jounal of mine in week 7(4 of flower). They look superb with buds on them.
  9. yeah all of the 4 i planted all sprouted and they each look the same as far as colar and the leaves but that's it 1 has 5 set's of leaves and nearly a foot tall the the shotest has 10 sets of leaves with branches on 7 of them but only about 7" inches tall i just hope the shortest is female she would give some killer sized thick buds as long as she don't streach to much but i plan on putting them into flower till the streach is over then transplant into a bigger pot as i've learnt that this way they don't streach as much

  10. What things in particular? Got any pics?

    I've grown skunk #1 a few times before, and never had any problems or weirdness. Good stuff - always comes out with nice fat buds. Great strong smell too... Not as strong as some of the other strains but good shit still.
  11. only thing wrong with mine is there not big enough to take cuttings from as of yet
  12. did it occur to anyone else that he is using bat shit ... does this work good bro ?

  13. Organic growers everywhere swear by it (along with bloodmeal and a whole load of other smelly goodies...). Not sure how well it holds up to artificial fertilisers in terms of growth rate, but it'll certainly give some slow release ferts to the soil which can be handy.
  14. heres some of what i use along with the other 2 towards the top makes for some big fat sweetest tasteing buds you'll ever come across and you don't have to cure 90% of the time plus bat shit has benafical bacteria in it

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  15. i'm using the indonesian bat guano along with alaska morbloom and i'm in the 6th wk of flowerng with some monster outdoor buds... you've had good success with the indonesian?
  16. i use a little of each of the flowering 1s everyother watering
  17. here's some updated pics of my 4 skunk#1 girls so far out of 5 seeds germed 4 were females the first one's pic is the shortest but it also the one with the most nodes she's going to be a very stocky plant when she gets topped she also has the narrowest leaves of the 4. #4 is the tallest and has the widest leaves looks more indica than sativa but she grows more like a sativa just the opposet of the #1 plant . #1 might be one of those super fat skunk#1 plants that give you those huge buds that people use to talk about back when skunk#1 first came out she's just so tightly noded i sure hope she turns out that away

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  18. Hey there, i dont mean to hijack ya journal or nout but my skunk just started to stretch an never really stopped, ive never had any sativa strain go as mad as mine. The buds are gettin fatter but not joining up to make big buds just loads of KFC popcorn size buds. Not complaining coz they are still sizable. I hope you have more luck with your skunk Ice, theres so many variables though so its hard to compare. Check my journal out for details an pics. Catch you all soon.
  19. whose strain of skunk#1 are you growing
  20. nice skunk plant man....about to grow my self...

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