Skull head billys

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  1. Made these a couple weeks ago out of a couple of crystal skull vodka bottles what's every one think?


  2. Nice...what did you use to drill holes?
  3. Used a 15mm diamond drill piece.
  4. I had to go slow and keep the drill bit and the skull wet so it would crack or shatter. Only annoying bit was having to make the holes bigger to about 17 mm with a 15 mm drill piece. Can't get anything bigger then 15mm, still needed room for the grommet
  5. Thanks for the planning on building a unique DIY piece.
  6. What are you thinking of doing
  7. Something out a 750mL bottle with a glass downstem still trying to figure it out with just around the house type stuff.
  8. Try finding something with thick glass, using something like a jim beam/jack Daniels type bottle the glass is usually pretty thin and breaks very easy. As for a down pipe/stem can use anything that doesn't melt
  9. Very very cool
  10. Those are sweet. Ive had that vodka before too. Expensive stuff
  11. Very nice but i think i'd light my bangs on fire :laughing:
  12. I saw the bottle at a party once haha, definitely a sick ass idea man.
  13. These are just the 700ml bottles I've got get a 1.5L one yet and do something nuts with it
  14. Creative idea man, I like it

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  15. Looks cool. Those bottles are 50$ each at liquor store here an the vodka is horrible!
  16. ive seen the bowl piece done in the nose before. Im currently using a half gallon of rum it has the indented grips. should i go with a dimond tiped sand paper looking bit?
  17. Diamond I'd say. I used a regular ass drill bit but took forever lol. I made a beer bottle bong a long time ago

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    I agree. I consider myself somewhat of a vodka connoisseur and Crystal Head Vodka is not very good. You are definitely paying for the bottle with that stuff!

    Awesome bongs though OP! Thought about doing this myself (they sell these skull bottles empty on ebay). What I want to do is turn it into a Jamaican-style chalice.

  19. The Jamaican style chalice is sick, I've been looking to make one soon. Definitely post pics of yours

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