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    So, I wanted to share my new adventure with you guys, after many late nights reading all of your wonderful posts, its about time i contribute to my favorite forum!

    Names Dan, im a middle aged dude here in USA, i live with my wonderful wife, bother and sister in law, for who i caregive for. Oh, and this grow is 100% for medical and research purposes, and i stay within my legal limits!:wave:

    Join me as we take a look into my secret garden!
    a true DIY get it done garden.

    Now what do we have here ??

    Blue dream 55 days from cloner 5 days into 12/12
    4k cool tubes to 8 & 6 in fans
    2 x modified 1200btu & 5000 btu a/c
    dedicated 100amps
    24 bucket multiflow ebb & Flow (Modified Hydrofarm)
    55 gal Res & 55 Gal RO Res
    FloraNova and some
    oh, and a 8x12 foot Screen :hello:

    This is my third grow, once in a bathroom with a premature harvest, no bueno. The second was in this 7.5 x 13 foot hand made room in the garage, that one i nuked and plagued with the Borg:mad:!

    Now, after a few tweaks im back, matured a bit and feeling good about the fresh start!

    Early in the grow, the clones were off to a rough start, they had been infested with TSSM and were fighting for their lives! I was blasting them with everthing i could get my hands on, and learning from the first grow how to, and not to use products, and how the whole life cycle works, i managed to rid my garden of any kind of pest!

    The first step in this new grow was all about cleanlyness and organisation. Last couple times things got out of hand with dog hair, wires, grow equipent here and there, it was maddness!!!
    Now in days, i never enter my garden without my Tyvek suit and dedicated garden Croks that have never left the Rooms.

    Enough already, heres a look at what im working with!

    heres a shot a couple days before new years eve, the babies were transplanted from a small ebb flow table in the veg room under 400w to the 4000w room

    I blasted the babies one more time with Floramite to kill the last of the cycle of the borg, after a week of curled suffocated leaves there was no sign of life, at last the Borg was eliminated, time to heal the poor wounded babies, and nurse this garden back to health!

    A few weeks later things are looking up, old dried leaves were the last sign of the bad days and were mostly removed and bagged, but lessons learned and new life is here!
    heres day 46 veg, jan 15th

    Now here we are
    after 36 hours nite nite, and five days of 12/12 the babies are a boomin!

    Day 1 flower

    Day 5 Flower Earlier this evening
  2. Feel free to post your thoughts, opinions, or what not, i'm all ears and have a good sense of humor.
    Oh, and i hope Arnold420, Budslinger LBH and all you other scroggers can check this out!
  3. Mornin Everyone! Just checked the babies, shhhhhh theyre sleeping, ph up a point ppms down, looks alright! Oh, and last night was day 4 flower, my stoner ass thought it was 5!! sorry yall!
  4. Subscribed!!!!

    Awesome grow! Glad u started a journal I will most deff b here for the ride.

    Room looks amazing! Very similar 2 one of my setups as far as system and screens.

    To bad about the infestation the ladies look like their pulling through now but once u get a smooth start and tuned in I will garrantee u that u could have that screen full and ready to flower in half that time or even less
    (15-21days from rooted clone specially with supplemented co2). I remember everytime I went back to check my room I could see a difference I couldn't even believe my own eyes! That system should really start takin off now.

    Good luck!
  5. Seems to b a top feed but still all connected from the bottom of the buckets?

    Do u top feed constantly while the system auto recirculates by way of gravity through the bottom pvc pipes? ?
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    Hey Arnold, i actually use the top feed tubing to flush the buckets with fresh water weekly, i believe some of the issues i had in the past had to do with build up in the buckets, i suppose this might have been some of your issues with your delahaze strawberry grow! if you can see in the pictures, i have two ball valves connected to the fill line, i simply shut off the flow to the bucket and open the valve to the tubing above the buckets, i unplug the fill pump from the brain and plug it into another outlet, this keeps the drain pump working while i rinse the buckets and send everything to the res! I also modified the brain, i used a 5 gal bucket, lowered the level on the drain floats and raised the buckets onto 2x4's thus keeping just a little water in the buckets between feedings. No more 2 inches at the bottom of the buckets (got this info from you Arnold ;) If you can see as well, no more 1/2" tubing filling the buckets, i made a 1.5" pvc manifold to 3/4" pvc to fill and drain the buckets, with my 1000gph fill pump it floods the buckets in 2 minutes, i also upgraded the drain pump to a 350gph cannaster filter pump, that filters out crap before draining back to the res! I'm hoping this keeps the medium free from toxic build up! My last grow i fried everyting, not sure if it was the nutes or the mites or a combo, but i'm hoping these kind of weekly flushes will keep the system running clean! what do you think? I also made the switch from the whole advanced line to Flora Nova, keeping base nutes at 0-8-16 and only using sensizyme, floralicious plus, piranah, and tarantula! I have voodoo, ganna see if i can breed my own bennies in a bucket, instead of 90 bucks a litre! lol!
  7. Oh Arnold, i have a question for ya, i want to use big bud next week, i think i'm ganna use 1/4 strength powder, but not sure if i should lower my base nutes or just add it to the base nutes, what do you think? I'm running them at 1050 ppm at .64 conversion. I havent had a run without sometime of burn, i'm really trying to avoid that, but still dont wanna misout on quality and yeild from some of the additives! I know your running coco now, just thought you would know cuz your the man!! lol when you get a sec! thanks bro
  8. Looks like a great grow, how long ago did you plant them? They look extremely healthy after reading what they went threw.

    Gj on Gc so far, im gonna stay up to date on this grow im very interested to see them be done and ready for harvest.
  9. All ur modifications are gona benefit you. U did real well with your system. Flushing weekly will help too.

    I recently turned my system into a constant recirculating bubble bucket system with a shitload of air. Gona giv it a a shot.

    Look good brotha 4 sure!
  10. Personally how I would do it is add whatever dose of big bud u need for that feed then add ur base till u reach the target ppm that u that u want to feed at.
  11. Aslo if ur just starting to introduce big bud start with 1/3 dose then increase to full over the next week or two.

  12. Thanks buddy, glad to have you here!

  13. Thanks Arnie, I was a little worried about the lower levels of Mg by lowering my base, but then just realized that Big Bud has Mg, so i think the ratio should be good! Thanks again for your insight, your a big inspiration in my garden!
  14. All is well in the garden, this morning i i added back about 2 gallons of water checked the ph and ppms, 5.8 and 1080 (.67), dropped from 1230 ad back last night. I do believe thats a good sign that the plants are taking up the food!

    heres my work area, the small room is cooled with a 5000 btu a/c keeps the room in the low 60's, i use a aquarium heater to keep the res at a steady 68 degrees. the drum on top is my Ro res, below is the nute res. To the left is the sliding door to the flower room, to the left is the small veg room. not pictured is the fire extinguisher, and to the left you can see the Tyvek suits, im the only one that goes in the garden, and i always wear the suits when im in there Its a pain in the ass taking the suit on and off, the lazy man works twice as hard!

    heres a view from the flower room.
  15. So, I've got a couple more weeks of stretch and a good portion of the screen is full, by over compensating with lumans and wattage I gave myself a nice cushion for playing with. My question for you guys, with 83 watts per sq ft, how high do you think I should let the girls grow above the screen? Let's here from the pros! :metal:
  16. Well, not much going on here, just did my weekly flush. Its been about an hour of training everyday now, and only 4 broken tops, 2 were saved, the other 2 i didn't bother. I know its kinda boring without any bud porn, but its coming soon!

    Day 7 flower


    birds eye


    Still thinking about how much i should let them go above the screen, thinking maybe a couple more days of training them letting em go.
  17. have your shit straight...great job. Subscribed.
  18. Glad to have a Texan watching the grow, you guys know whats up!! should have some pics tonight!
  19. I knew they would take off HOLY SHIT! In just a few days they really filled in that screen nicely.

    Keep it up brotha!
  20. It looks nice man:smoking:

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