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  1. So guys tonight a friend from bravil gave me some skooma i was hesitant at first but i did it anyway , long story short i ran from bruma to skingrad in 3 minutes without fast travelling , i feel like shit now and wont be trying it again
  2. Stop right there criminal scum
  3. He's resisting by not responding!


  4. What the fuck's wrong with his eyes
  5. ive got some good skooma man... top shelf shit... a big hit in the local inn...
  6. I was on my way to pick some up when a troll ended my journey.
  7. haha its basically elder scrolls crack lol.
  8. He's actually a skooma addict looking to bust OP's stash and have it for his own. Skooma is known for its negative side-effects including askewing of the eyes

  9. thats the last time i go to take a piss without pausing the game...
  10. What's the big joke with Skooma on TES games I don't get it.

  11. its supposed to be like cocaine or any various stimulant
  12. I heard someone was slangin that shit in Riften. So I got on my horse and road over to that peice, found that dude and chopped his fuckin head off.

    Now im chillin, Black-Briars eatin out the palms of my hands, breakin down this moon sugar all day erry day.

    Get like me, son.
  13. I get mine straight from elsweyr at least thats what my dealer says.
  14. this thread made me lol, ive been playing the elder scrolls games since morrowind :)
  15. considered yourself destroyed

  16. hell yea man. same here lol. morrowind was the shiz, sans combat system lol
  17. Always so no to skooma kids. I never once took it in my morrowind days. That stuff can give you lung cancer! and its sent by the morrowind equivalent of the devil!
  18. I took some skooma once after I couldn't even cast a minor healing spell it ruined my life
  19. This thread just won.

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