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Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Have any of you seen the new skittles commercial with the guy that has the long beard and he is using it to feed himself skittles at a job interview?

    I saw this when I was blazed and it blew my fucking mind. It's really really creepy, but for some reason I like it. I can't find a link to it anywhere on the internet, but I'll post one if I find it.

    If you haven't seen this commercial, you gotta, it's just so fucking weird.
  2. Try youtube or something
  3. sounds awesome, try n find a link as (im assuming) ads r totally diff here in the U of K :smoking:
  4. Seen this a few days a go. Thought it was kinda weird but liked it to at the same time lol.
  5. haha yeah man, this commerical is fucking TRIPPY.. so high when I first saw it
  6. Hahahaha, rep+ for that. I dont have cable or any channels for that matter so I never get to watch TV.
    That commercial made my night.:D
  7. yeah, i think its trippy as hell but i still like it. Imagine the lady when he puts that beard on her face, then acts like he is gonna feed her a skittle then pops it back to his mouth haha
  8. my god thats fucking creepy
  9. HAHAHAHA YESSS:hello: that is actually the best commercial ever. i laughed so fucking hard the first time i saw it:smoking:
  10. i dont ever want to move my body again buti want to go up stairs and sleep. sorry for random post goodnight everyone.
  11. lol first thing that came to mind...

    totally hands free blunt smoking ...

    blouw that signature is trippy as hell...wft is the point?
  12. obviously to trip you the hell out. although, who could resist the allure of the N64 *drools* :smoke:
  13. lol guess so just noticed the n64 box

    the girl is somehow funnier its like a mix between digging a hole and doing a doggy paddle

    fucking nintendo has a hold on people young 'n old
  14. Rofl I love this commercial, everytime it plays at night when i am watching TV I wake up my girlfriend and make her watch all the while I am laughing my ass off. Well, that and this commercial on Adult Swim for Robot Chickin that has a naked doll dancing in front of 3 cats singing (This is how I dance, when I aint got no underpants!)
  15. *Bump*

    I love this commercial, I was actually just thinking about it the other day and I remembered there was a thread about it already.

    That guy freaks me out.
  16. The one with the beard is a creeeepy and cool commercial...
    but what about the one with the little man eating all the skttles from the skittle leak...that commercial makes me think..i wonder how long the little man woulda stayed up there? I wonder if i'd be happy being that little man..on one hand you get to eat skittles all freakin day...on the other hand..what happens when u need to pee??? you cant just abandon your post and let all those skittles fall to the ground!!!
  17. I like the Skittles gum commercial where the girl asks for a piece and he just blows a bubble and floats away.

    P.S. Death to commerce!

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