"Skipping" Germination?

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  1. Hey everyone, I am trying out my luck (Just because I am curious and it seems easier) with planting the seeds Directly in the soil, not soaking them in water or germing prior to that. I found a few threads on this, but nothing went into detail. What method would be best for this?

    I was planning on something like this:

    Watering soil in pot.
    Planting seed about an Inch deep.
    Covering the pot in ceran wrap.
    Keeping it warm.

    Let me know if I am completely off. Otherwise I will post results.

    Also, does a seed need any light or just warmth and moisture to sprout through the soil?
  2. you can do this but I wouldn't recommend it. the seeds will have a higher chance of not sprouting for various reasons. if you germ the root sticks out which you place downward into your pot so you know its going to grow upward. if you don't it could grow to the side or down. causing you to never even see a sprout. its worth the day or two wait especially if your usinig quality seeds
  3. Is their any possibility that the seed will "find its way" up?
  4. Or Might I need to go digging if I don't see any sprout? ;)

  5. ....I do just this very thing with grrrrrreat success, however, I only plant my seeds about 1/4 of an inch deep...and it's the same with my outdoor garden.
    ...you want to use a light soil, low -to-no N/P/K. The young ones do not need much fertilizers.

  6. Do they ever not come up, or grow sideways like SirSchism mentioned can happen?

    Also, how long usually until you will see a sprout? This is day three, nothing yet.

  7. ...just keep them warm, you should see growth above the soil within a week. happy growin! :smoke:
  8. Alright, how wet are you getting that soil before you plant them?
  9. ...if you were to get a handful and squeeze, you should get a couple drops of water (my rule of thumb)
  10. I've always done this and I have never had one not sprout up. Idk why everybody thinks you should germinate.
  11. This method is good for large outdoor set ups where maybe 80 out of 100 seeds sprout. With your 1 seed it might not sprout then you will be waiting anxiously for a week for nothing when the seed is a dud.

    When you germ them you know right of the bat which ones will sprout. start like 10 seeds expect half to die and half to be male. leaving 2.5 fems haha not exactly but something like that. Can anyone else lend some more specific numbers?

    Specifics aside you will basically get 2 viable female seeds out of 10 that started. Good luck though man

  12. those are good rough estimate numbers. germing, like said before, will just ensure you are planting viable seeds. and its less time than the route you are thinking of going. either way you can grow stuff. personal preference
  13. Out of a 100 quality non fem seeds i would get - 5 males - 5-10 duds- i've germinated 10 seeds and all 10 were female. i guess i'm just lucky or something
  14. Planting the seed directly in soil is the same way it would happen in nature.

    Just make sure you dont water it to much so it doesnt flush to the bottom.

  15. I plant may seeds in the soil. If you are using good seeds, there is no reason to think they wouldnt sprout. Wait 5 days max to see if it sprouts and you can always gently dig up some soil with your finger where you planted it to see if you can see the seed coming up.
  16. Seeds aren't specially germinated in the wild nor do they get placed into the soil with the taproot facing down.

    I just planted a seed with the taproot upward (to see if it really matters) and the taproot made a bend downward. It sprouted normally.

    It will work but it will take longer than germinating. You also might be tempted to see what is going on down there if things don't happen quickly.
  17. i can tell ya from growing veggies for yrs that germinating a seed in a paper towel 1st then putting into ur medium is alot quicker than just putting str8 into the medium and as others have alrdy said the root/sprout will find their own way regardless of which way its facing.
  18. first time i grew when i was a kid,i planted the seeds without germinating in a plastic cup full of dirt i found in the backyard and put it on my windowsill. they sprouted and grew to about 8 inches before i gave them some miracle grow and killed them.
  19. I'm 7 for 7 germing this way. Soak them in water until they sink to the bottom, then plant them directly into the soil twice as deep as the seeds are long. Everyday gently move the soil out of the way to see if the root tip has come out and see which way it's growing. If it's taking a turn for the surface just gently pick it up and place it pointing down.
  20. I've seen seeds get tangled in their own root and basically cut their own heads off. I have also seen seeds grow sideways in soil until it hit the edge of the the pot. then it basically rotted. seeds are like people some of them just come out retarded (for lack of a better word). All I am saying is why not germinate?

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