Skipping class to smoke copius amounts of cannabis?

Discussion in 'General' started by Caty, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I have no tests all week because we just got back from break. I've decided to extend my break a few days. I haven't smoked much recently so I just picked up a half oz and I plan on chilling today. I feel a little bit guilty.. but fuck it.
  2. no problem with that... acutally did the same thing yesterday, no harm done as long as you dont do it often
  3. Lol u think thata bad. I skip class with my ***** and we spark up and I come back to campus high as fuck and then go to class. Class suddenly becomes entertaining
  4. That must be a LOT !!!!, My scale don't go up to COPIUS :D
  5. fuck I skip class because I'd rather stay home and do nothing with noone. at least you've got a cause.
  6. Nice. I've been skipping the last week. It's been awwwwright.

  7. it's really easy to let it become a habit. be reeeal careful.
  8. what sun said, i took adavantage of it way to much at one point.
  9. Wouldn't recommended it. Ild rather have a bowl at the end of a hard days work.
    Much more satisfying
  10. those days are the best when theyre few and far between.. just make it count.. get retarded high, play whatever you play, watch some stoner movies, and munch out hard!! :bongin:
  11. Just go to class high. Kill two birds with one blunt.
  12. typically what I do. :hello:
  13. ahhhh back in the day i used to skip school to go home and smoke large amounts of weed and take on MW2 spec ops with my buddy! good times. always worth it, never a regret
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    What a fucking stupid picture. We're all citizens contributing to (or supposed to be) the West and the world's progress. That lazy, hedonistic and selfish attitude is probably ensuring a lot of people whose livelihoods are suffering due to the economy's balance being tipped due to people that have the attitude of that idiotic image not contributing what they could be ARE living in pain.

    Skipping a class now and again ain't no thing. Sometimes it's necessary to clear your head. But to entirely cut yourself out of the potential for contribution and growth both personal and collective to 'live for pleasure' is morally fucked up.

    Pleasure should be enjoyed collectively through prosperity and progress. Not being a lazy fuckwit whose existence will leave no marks

  15. this^^^

    cutting class, or skipping school is cool (if not done excessivley). taking a sick day at work or using comp time when earned is cool...
  16. Go ahead & treat yourself for a day. Just don't make it a habit

  17. Speak for yourself. I know that I contribute to no other cause then my well-being and happiness. Even if I were to contribute to the 'progress of society', I would feel no obligation to help those who cannot progress by themselves (and funny enough, they seem to leech off of the system).

    Pleasure is entirely subjective. What it is and how it is enjoyed depends entirely on the person. And newsflash: your existence will leave no marks. 100 years from now, you will be distantly remembered by members of your genetic line. In 300 years, your memory will have been totally erased, except maybe as a few notes and photos or a gravestone. If you are a huge public figure, you will live on for a few thousand years through a footnote in a textbook. Everything you, I, or anyone else does is totally insignificant on a cosmic scale and will fade away with time.
  18. ... Dude...
  19. Just don't let it become a habit, I did this shit when I was 14-15, fucked my high school education right up, ended up graduating with a 7.0 GPA(Canadian GPA 8 point scale, basically equivalent to a 3.5 american GPA) but I had no life for my junior and senior years, and I would have much preferred to have free time during my senior year than when I was 14:D

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