Skipping Class, Rules over feelings (rant)

Discussion in 'General' started by Love&Space, May 25, 2009.

  1. This is a sort of rant, yes. Last week, I didn't go to class numerous times throughout the week. I skipped half a day on Monday to chill with my friend Andy. Now I know this is the old rebel scenario, but I don't think my decision to skip should be misjudged.

    Sometimes I just want to leave. I feel like I NEED to leave. It's not so much a hate for school, sometimes I just get extremely uneasy and feel depressed during school. I feel like over time this uneasiness has created little psychological problems with me. Anyways, when I skipped on Monday, I was having a terrible day...nothing too particular just needed to leave. So I followed my intuition. Now my teachers have emailed my parents of not showing up to class, and this just makes me so upset at the way Americans work.

    Why should rules have to go over human intuition? I mean, I just wish anybody at my school could say to my teacher "Well he's having a rough day, let the damn boy get better" me that sounds so much more sensible. I'm not skipping because I can't handle school or I didn't study for a test, and I wish my parents and the school administration could recognize that. But even if they did nothing would change. That's what so fucking wrong with this country..If you want to change something your either given some punishment or looked down upon.
  2. What would stop other kids from abusing this? Have you even told your parents why you're skipping?
  3. Yeah how exactly would one have to feel in order for them to skip classes?
    Because if I used this reasoning I would have skipped highschool A LOT because I just fuckin hated everyday of it and so many people there. BUT I went through with it and because of that college is soooo much better.

    Point is, you have to just put up with certain shit.

    But it just sounds like you need some help from someone to find out how to deal with your problems.
  4. Shouldn't try.. They always disregard my explanations as "sensitive bullshit" in the words of my old man.
  5. Deal with high school so you can move on. That's the way i looked at it
  6. Human intuition can tell us to do plenty of things that are wrong, like assault or kill someone. Part of being an adult is fulfilling our responsibilities, we can't walk away from them because we're "having a rough day"- especially "numerous times throughout the week". How would you keep your job? Pay your rent? Support your family?- if you walked away from your responsibilities because you were "having a rough day"?

    As a kid, your responsibility is to attend school. It's called "compulsory education" for a reason. Once you're in college, you'll be able to cut class all you want- but I think you'll think twice about that when you're the one paying for it. :)

    All that said, sucks that you're busted for cutting class. I went through it too, because I suffered from major depression, and the school even threatened to get the DA involved if I didn't start showing up. So I bit the bullet and finished school. Hang in there and do the same, don't make your situation worse. Trust me, it'll get better in time.
  7. it's all a balance, they try to keep you in school, and you try to find ways around that. It's pretty much how life works, and it makes sure you don't skip too much, but you still get that free time you need once in awhile
  8. When you are an adult, living in the real world, no one is going to give a shit if you are having a rough day or not.
  9. That is rule.
    no one can change it.
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  10. very blunt but very true
  11. This kid I knew in HS had a little card that would let him leave class whenever he wanted too. He had something wrong with him emotionally, angry all the time and he had ADHD. You should see if youre school has something like that.

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