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  1. :wave: Figured I would move over to the organic side, since I running a organic mix now!
       I'm using a nute pack from kis organics, I figured it would be the easiest way to mix my own soil the first time. I'm pretty new to the whole organic thing, I was using liquid organic nutes on my last run but now running 100% organic water only. Well also tea hear and there maybe some sugars around 30 days of flower.
    Ok so for the plants I have two Goji Og's vegging now around 6 weeks from seed. Still not sure on the sex's yet but will be flower the more female looking one in a 5 gal (with a grow threw support cage first time trying)and the smaller/slower one in a 3 gal this go around.  I also have a blueberry headband feminisied vegging about 3 weeks old now she will be for back up if I get a male or both males off the goji's.
    I will be flowering in a 2ftX3ftX5.25ft tent with a 400watt hps, for now they are vegging in the same tent since i took a little down time between runs. I plan on trying keep a steady flow of girls running threw the tent after this round so will be veggin in a small cab. for the time being until I can get another tent.
    Now for some pics


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  2. Subbed to see the beautiful buds they produce. :smoke:
  3. I'll try to get the pics to upload smaller next time I had no idea they would look like that. Gotta get used to this new setup! :bongin:
    Glad to have ya man !
  4. :ey: welcome to the dirty stinky side  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :smoke:  :D 
  5. Good luck with your organics Skinny!
    I'm thinking about trying an organic run on an LaCon to compare the quality. 
    I'll be following along with your grow.
  6.      Back with an update, I have moved the plants around a bit. I'm not almost sure goji#2 is a male hes growing balls (see pics). Goji#1 seems to be male too not so much balls but with a scope looks like crab claws which makes me think male. I'm thinking about keeping one but not sure yet i'm so limited on space right now. I have two sets of clones off both goji1 and 2 the rooted ones I'm forcing into flower to see if i can sex that way instead of flipping the tent. Since my blueberry headband wont be ready to flip for another few weeks seems like the right thing to do that way i can trash the dudes and get more light to the bbhb. Instead of flipping the tent and seeing two males only to switch the light back to 18 and veg the bbhb longer.
    I also started two tga Qush (pre-98bubbaXspacequeen)  might start a third and save the last two beans once i get the males out of the tent. Just trying to make sure I have enough space. Thats the only bad thing about doing reg seeds in such a small space, I can't just throw a pack down and find a keeper! I dont want a keeper feminized plant though,I'm trying to find a killer keeper to hold on to and maybe breed for personal stash with later!
    Now for the pics

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  7. Sub'd to this one. Our setups are a lot alike. 400 watt HPS here too. My flower spot is a little smaller though  :eek:
    Sucks about the males. Do you have a small separate veg space to keep a mother when you find a keeper?
    That KIS stuff looks interesting. I like the idea of keeping it simple. It's kind of pricey though, so you'll probably eventually look to cheaper sources. Or just re-use the old KIS soil mix and you'll save a lot by not having to add much. If you have a good nursery around you might be able to pick up a good organic soil that hardly needs anything. I always end up adding things anyway though.
    When you add things to the soil though, I think you'll be a lot better off if you let it cook for awhile with no plants. Also-- make sure what you mix with the KIS doesn't have its own nutrients, or you could fry your plants. Looks like you'll just want some high quality compost or EWC, plain old perlite, and plain old peat moss. Funny thing is, I've seen some good plants grow with nothing but quality compost and perlite... but I'm pretty sure those KIS nute packs would help... especially if the compost is lacking anything.
  8. OKay...Im here now. Got sort of confused on the other link but you set me straight :D . The girls are looking great dude and I also keep up with the Weed Nerd episodes!
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    Yeah I also am following your grow, thought the same thing about our setups! The soil the plants are in now is the kis mixed just like the website says but with more casting instead of compost, so just peat, perlite, ewc and nute pack. I didnt think it was too bad on the price. Cost about 70 bucks in all with a trash can to store it in and made 30 or so gallons. I was thinking about trying the super soil charge pack next but thats even more pricey. I probably like you said will re used this with small additives for another round. Glad to have you following, I'm here to learn so any comments are welcome!
    Edit- Yes i have a small cab I set up with cfls. It has two different shelves, the cab is 2x2 and 5 ft tall top section i use for cloning and babies. Then the bottom is about 35 inches tall I can fit 4 1 gal's on there. since my t5 wont fit I will probably have it in a closet for vegging bigger plants closer to flower. I dont plan of keeping a mother really rather just keep taking cut off everything that goes into flower to I always have thats strain in veg. I have heard people say the cuts get weaker but I'm not sure i buy that. If they cut stays healthy it should be a "clone" on the mother right!?
    Now your here! :wave:  glad to have ya ddd!!  Thanks man I do think they are staying pretty healthy, some burn at first transplant but not bad at all. I think i'm gonna like this mix. :D  I love the Weed Nerd! I think i have caught up on all of them now. Sub has such beautiful plants, and I feel like i learn alot from watching. Weed nerd is the whole reason I'm growing Qush, I'm  planning on picking up a pack of timewreck to try for a daytime smoke next. :smoke:
  10. Most aggreed on Sub's plants. Im so envious of that dude and the lifestyle he (apparently) gets to live. I know that things are rarely as good as they seem, but I can only wish that I had the space he does for growing and to even have a joint venture where my wife would enjoy breeding and smoking as much as I do. Lots of folks hate on the Sub and say his gear is not that great...I wouldnt know though....and I really dont get that deep into critiquing other growers each his own. I just like his show. I'll be watching your girls for sure!
  11. Yea I've heard both ways about taking clones from clones. I do bonsai moms because they don't take much space.

    The only problem with taking clones from clones that I can come up with, is maybe if one small node gets some weird genetic mutation, and that forms into the branch that you take your clone from, all clones down the line will share that mutation. Kind of a far fetched idea though. I'm not sure if or how often significant genetic mutations happen in just one node.

    The age of the cells is not effected taking clones of clones. When any cell divides, it looses a very tiny amount of genetic information. Eventually (decades for cannabis) cells do loose enough so that new cells can't do their job. I think with cannabis people notice negative changes in the growth and get rid of them before everything has the chance to die at about the same time. Some growers improperly call that genetic drift.

    A mother plant probably is better for the really long term. I'm thinking you can get years out of clones from clones, and decades using mothers from mothers (give or take). Just basing that last statement on a lot of journals I've read; no science.
  12. Well both goji's turned out ot be males. I have chopped down and tossed all the #1 clones pretty sure it was a hermi after seeing balls all over then finding one spot that looked female I decided to get rid of it. I did keep one clone off goji 2, not sure how long I will keep around but I I hate tossing plats maybe i'll try to collect pollen of him when I have more time.
    The Qush babes -1 of three has broke ground in less then 48 hours,  looking nice and green already! Hoping to see the other two in the next few days I'll get a pic of them once they all sprout.

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