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  1. Hello everyone I'm Joshua !!
    I wanted to create this thread for all of us that love LED .. I HAPPEN TO LOVE THEM. So I figured there had to be plenty of my fellow ladies and gent grows that use LED. I would like to know what kind your using . Feel free to post pics on here as I am curious as to what led your using and how it's performing.
    Currently I have a Amare Technologies solar eclipse 250
    And a Mars hydro pro 160 with remote. . I know I know slot of people talk mad shit about Mars hydro but I have had nothing but positive results from them .
    I will be purchasing a new Amare Technologies solar pro9 . In the next few weeks.
    Oh yeah right know I have a purple power in a 3.5 g dwc set up under the Mars pro 160 . My very first attempt at hrdro and it's freaking beautifully simple .
    And I have. Lemon Thai Kush under the Amare se250 .
    So far the buds on the purple power are noticably bigger a d much more dense . I just started her on over drive last week . I think the lemon Thai has atleast 4 more weeks to go maybe 5.
    Anyway . Nice too meet everyone .
  2. Trying to get videos to post but can't figure it out

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