Skinny Plant need help please!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GodlikeGerbil, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. basically my plant is about a foot tall but only has 8 leaves on it... specifically what can i do to make it bushier
    i was thinking of using the bending technique because i dont really understand how to prune and dont wanna ruin the plant
    cheers guys
  2. You should have included a photo, but you have also not provided enough information, you say that your plant is skinny, if the leafs look very green and healthy, no spots or yellowing, then your plants are probably just stretching out to receive more light, if this is an indoor grow, then try moving the lights closer to the plants without burning the plants. Never over water, or go crazy with nutrients and miracle grow, always always stick your finger into the soil and see if the soil is moist, if it is moist then wait another day before watering , however if the soil feels rather dry then water a little bit, always make sure that the water can drain out of the bottom of the pot(s). All in all I would say the leave it the fuck alone, plant lots of bag seeds, seeds that you've obtained from a bag of bud, experiment around, you may just have a strain that likes to stretch out.
  3. ok my plant is indoor grown and its all healthy apart from how much its stretched out.. to be hounist i think its the type of light im using as all it is, is a grow light bulb that i found in my cupboard so im not sure how suitable it is. the thing is i hav limited space and wanted to keep the foot under 4 ft but the way its goin in its veg stage its gonna be to bear to start the flowering cycle when its got to that 4 ft mark
  4. read all the threads that start with "Sticky:"

    then read them again. and again. how much light do you have on the plant? what type of light? you said grow bulb, but there's a variety of bulbs you can grow with.

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