Skinny Jeans are the ugliest trend ever

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    These are models and they still look horrible in those skinny jeans. Compare them to Flared jeans and I simply don't understand how any woman can say "I prefer looking pear-shaped even if I'm skinny"...


    And men who wear skinny jeans should just be shot to be taken out of their can a guy actually put a pair of those on and not feel like a complete turd?
  2. Its really not that big a deal.....
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    Matter of fact my guy friends felt the exact same way. Now they wear them because to them they feel comfortable. It's whatever.
  4. i started wearing what at the time were referred to as "straight leg" jeans because i was heavy into skateboarding and the popular baggy parachute pants would get stuck in the wheels and in general were a joke when it comes to being practical.

    these days they take it to a whole new level. jeans are so tight they're almost like more durable leggings. i don't see how people can be functional in the least bit unless the extent of your physical movement is walking or bending over to pick something up.

    as far as being ugly goes, i think girls in skinny jeans usually pull it off quite well.
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    Why you mad tho?!
  6. cameltoe. that is all.:p
  7. skinny jeans lame.
  8. I wear them thanks to rock and fucking roll.
  9. I don't mind them on girls. but when guys wear them...what the fuck. That's just wrong.
  10. Sounds like you woke up and found out someone pissed in your cherrios lol I love skinny jeans, I think the obese should refrain but they went ahead and made those spandex pants that look like skinny jeans for the fatties. Maybe that's what you should hate on instead
  11. I don't see the big deal about them, my only complaint is when folks have their muffin tops spilling over past the back pockets. I've seen some horrific things with that. Mostly only super skinny people can "pull them off" but I'm not about to scream at people for their clothing choices(even if it does make their asses/thighs look huge, not gonna point out the obvious). I'm pretty skinny, but I hate skinny jeans just for the sheer fact they're so difficult to get on and off. I like the bootcut jeans though, maybe not as flared as the second picture, but like form-fitting ones that have a slight flare. Levi's superlow bootcut are the way to go man
  12. I agree that they're ugly but it doesn't bother me if people wear them.

    What does bother me is when guys wear skinny jeans down past their ass.

  13. As a guy, I own one pair. I usually don't wear them cause they are pretty ugly.\
    They're really fucking comfortable. And, you can stash your weed or bowl in your crotch without it falling out. It saved my ass 3 times.
  14. I like the look of skinny jeans on skinny girls. Fat girls should just wear moomoos and stay away from any skirt, jean, short or anything along those lines.
    I'm a guy and I wear skinny jeans because I hate having my clothes flap all over the place. I am a pretty skinny person and skinny jeans are more comfortable than boot cut, regular or baggy.
  15. I agree, skinny jeans are one of the ugliest trends ever. For one thing, it is certainly not the best cut for all types of body shapes. People with fuller hips and thighs will look much wider than they normally are because of the way the jeans narrow as they come towards the ankle. Although it is called as the ‘ice-cream cone effect’, I would rather go for jeans that fit my body type. And skinny jeans are not at all comfortable. If there is one thing I am particular about when shopping for clothes, it is the comfort factor. No matter how gorgeous something looks, I would never get it if I would not feel comfortable in it. Skinny jeans are one of them.
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    gabba gabba hey man skinny jeans are cool too me, don't like it your entitled to your opinion
    but its my opinion you should be taken out back and beaten with a hose, just kidding but
    yeah i find people that bash other peoples still of dress condesending and petty.. seriously
    "i pity the fool that derives self esteem from mocking other peoples clothes" aha mr.T
  17. Ass. That is why.
  18. Skinnies only look good on attractive women in my opinion

  19. Ya you can put your stash down there since the jeans have made your testicles relapse back into your waist.
  20. Hey peabrain, they're just jeans get over it. :wave:

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