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    Hey all,

    3 girls in late late veg (4 weeks now), and they're in 5 gallon fabric pots of coco/perlite. Watered and fed daily with GH Flora Trio nutes, plus added CalMag, mixed to PH of 5.9 - 6.2.

    I've noticed (starting a couple days ago) that the new growth was starting to pale up a bit and stretch. Included below are both "daytime" (600w MH on) pics, and "night" pics in true color with my Galaxy S8.
    20190606_053153.jpg 20190606_053158.jpg 20190606_053204.jpg

    They really weren't giving me too many issues while their coco was "dirty"; just some leaf spots and blotches. Then they got their first big flush last week. I'm talking 12 gallons of tap water through each. The runoff was reading at 122 PPM, so now they're clean as fuck. Feeding has resumed as usual, 2L daily for each at 5.9 PH mixed 250-400 PPM.

    Does this look like a nutrient deficiency? Some of these leaf tips would make me suspect nutrient burn, if I didn't already know their coco is squeaky clean. Funnily enough, the pale/skinniness started immediately following the flush. Wanted to get some more opinions before increasing the feed.

    More pics for context.
    20190606_053432.jpg 20190601_131453.jpg 20190606_053635.jpg

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  2. Looks like you got a few deficiency going on, maybe iron, zinc also..

    They look like they could do with a right nice feed, 400ppm seems abit low for their size, id be feeding more like 700ppm at thus stage bro.
  3. Honestly, on my last grow, I was giving them 700 - 1100 PPM by this point. Had only slight nute burn start, so lowered back down to 700.

    This time around they've been getting 300 - 400. Though Honestly, ever since thrir flush last week, they've been getting only 250PPM. I was experimenting a bit I guess lol.

    Loud and clear. Gonna see how they respond to the 600 - 700 PPM range. They start flower any day now.
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  4. Nah cant be if youve vegged for 4weeks...

    Get this in check before you flip brother
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  5. I agree with Grower. While I've never grown in coco, just dwc, I've heard that coco can really absorb calcium and magnesium, and/or iron (not sure on the iron). Perhaps when you flushed the medium, you flushed the calmag stored up in the coco as well? In any event, I'd imagine upping the feed like Groweranonymous said would provide your plants with relief.
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