Skin Up

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  1. Me and my brother in law wrote a song called 'Skin Up' in the mid eighties , if there are any activists left from that era they may remember it as it was adopted by the 'Legalise Cannabis' campaign. Pretty cool you may think, it was a cool song done as celtic punk ska, also some well meaning chap from the organization submited the song for revue in the Melody Maker. Was it Oscar Wild who said there was no such thing as bad publicity, he had obviously never heard of Tower Struck Down because the critic said that(i cant remember the exact words) it was due to childish and over simplified lyric and the 'in your face' as in unsubtle sentiment behind them that will ensure that cannabis will remain outlawed for the forseeable future. So I'm sorry everyone it would appear the dude was right, it still is outlawed. however in mitigation it was co written with my brother in law and he hes recently finished drinking himself to death still owing me a small fortune from those crazy years so i,ve allready bin punished. Interestingly with a name like Tower Struck Down when the twin towers went down it more or less finished the band . The song for anyone who may be interested had a stop at the end (obviously) and then we all chanted 'roll roll roll a joint twist it at the end, light it up take a toke and pas it to a friend etc that made me cringe, so there yer go its probably my fault dopes still taboo

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