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skimpy sacks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by adirondack, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Well my hours at work have slowed down, so naturally the amount of bud i buy does too. Now that I'm back to dubs n dimes I've noticed something. Almost everybody in my area don't do 1g dubs anymore. It seems like everybody is doing .7 or .8s now a days. When I gotta pull out the scale when buying dubs and even dimes know its sad. Anybody else been seeing this around them lately too. Btw I'm orange county, ny.
  2. My buddy just picked up 1/2. It weighed out at 11.8g. Being a nug short is one thing, but over 2 grams short?
  3. yes because unless its inside grow or medical most people dont grow at this time of year. so basically your getting older weed and once they sell out its hard for the dealer to get more so they pay more for less weed so for them to profit they have to skimp
  4. I wouldn't except anything short. I buy from people I trust.
  5. I live in Elmira, NY. A dime here is .8 ($10) a dub is 1.7 ($20) an 1/8 ($35-40) is 4g and a quarter is 7g which is $70. I usually buy a quarter at a time.
  6. That's just terrible. We need to find a way to make it legal in the US. Make sure you're all registered to vote in case something comes up in your state.
    I can't believe what some of my fellow Americans are paying for weed.
    In California it's so quasi-legal that everyone is growing. Even the clubs have $35 quarters. And if you know a grower you can get anything, even the so called "medical grade" for $200 an ounce or less.
    IMO that's the way it needs to be everywhere :smoke:
  7. I dont get skimped because a g is 1.0. We dont use the terms dime and dub because they describe how much money you have, not how much bud your getting.
  8. #8 adirondack, Aug 4, 2011
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    Weight isn't a issue honestly. 8th or over should be double weighted anyways. It this skimpy dub n dime crap that pissing me off. Literally every dealer I go to either tries throwing me a .3 dime or the usual .8 dub. Few even go for .6 dubs, people need to learn already if you rip someone off or have skimp bags that your gonna loose all future business. Seriously saving $4 on that dub you sold me or the hundreds of dollars you'd make on me over time selling me on point dubs. Fucking idiots

    edit: mids i have no issue with though considering I always buy it in weight or a quick 5 bag for a J.
  9. How do you know they're really making that much off you? You must have sketchy dealers that you dont know very well.
  10. .8's are the norm for a deagle around here. But thats for deagles, they dont do .8 + .8 for twins or whatever else. Anything above and including a half quarter is usually on the dot or .2 or .3 off
  11. #11 adirondack, Aug 4, 2011
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    No literally I've been through like 7-10 dealers in past 3 months cause of this shit. From 16 yr old kids to 30 yr olds, some sketchy and some not. If a you need to short people to make money from dealing then you need to find a better supplier. I make my weed money from tips, so no tips = no weed. Now since I make tips almost every day I go buy a dime or dub every day. Say he has a crap connect and is making $3 a dub, now I buy 6 dubs off him a week for the next 2 weeks ($36),but instead he rips me to make an extra $3 on the dub but never gets a call from me again. Bad business in my opinion which is why half these kids don't make much more then they smoke off bud.
  12. .7 for $20? lol forget that
  13. get a scale man
  14. learn to read man

    When I gotta pull out the scale when buying dubs and even dimes know its sad

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