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Skills that you are actually better at while stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drifter51, May 13, 2011.

  1. For me, I found out I draw better while high. I guess I'm not thinking about it as much, so I tend to not worry about if this looks like that or not.

    What are you better at while stoned?
  2. Playing Drums
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    I bmx, I suck at rideing wile high. But when I'm on my bike after I smoke I get some crazzy new idea and new stuff to try. Then when I. Sober up I go and put in work with all the new stuff I same up with.

    I also edit my vids 10x better, they alwase come out much better wile high
  4. I'm an MLG pro (if you know what that is). I smoked a quick bowl before I went into a local tournament and completely raped everyone. I never spoke once unless someone asked me something or I just had to talk. I came of in 1st place with an overall gaming preformance score of 93.2 out of 100 (The highest ranked score at the tournament). So appearly my gaming skills jump greatly when I smoke lol
  5. I procreate better, my sperm is more potent.
  6. ^
    & causes me to last almost too long "/
  7. Playing Left4dead. House work.
  8. video games, pussy, everything bettter with a bag of weed.

  9. I'm better at everything high, except making sentences. :p That shits hard.
  10. yeah dude when im high on GC grammar is totally down the toilet.
  11. Driving, fucking, video games
  12. Walking, mahjong

  13. Hell yeah bro, me too..also writing and arranging music as well
  14. driving, guitar, cod, fucking. When i was trippin' on acid though that was the best sex of my life :D
  15. driving, rolling Ls/Jibs, surfing, skating, video games, talking to girls...

    id say prettyy much everything i do i do it better while high:hello:
  16. Video games.
    Weed is just THE video game drug.
  17. yeah video games is the only thing I can think of. I can drive well on it but I drive the same when I sober so no change there.

    I can smoke some bud and reflexs will get sick. zone in big time.
  18. Eating pussy, talkin shit while fucking, fucking and video games!
  19. I'm better at most outdoor activities high..and housework is a breeze when you're baked. I can come up with melodies for new songs a lot easier when I'm really stoned. I need to be somewhat sober to effectively write lyrics and produce/arrange the music though..

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