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Skilled pro- marijuana debaters needed!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by no_longer_here, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Greetings fellow smokers!!!!!!!

    I'm been using this excellent substance for about 25 years and have succeeded at avoiding all encounters with law enforcement to date.

    I'm still sick of the way law enforcement demonizes you and I.

    I'd like to ally with a small/large group of skilled debaters to show up in mass on all kinds of bulletin boards and swamp them with useful and true information about marijuana use.

    If you are interested and I hope many of you are, please contact me at :

    Feel free to converse your own ideas.

    Write soon.


  2. I am really looking for a few good debaters to push our cause on a wide range of bulletin boards.

    Please reply to get involved.

    I think it's a lot of fun and a powerful tool.


  3. What kind of boards are you gonna be pushing this on, because most of the ones frequent already accept marijuana as normal use. It's not as prevelant as it is here at the city, but people on boards I visit do it occasionally or have done it.
  4. Spamming up a message board won't do anything except piss off its users, alienating them from our viewpoint.

  5. Yup just help everyone you know the truth about smoking try to influence them. We are the future voters.
  6. what kinda pages we posting on? i agree with wang on this one
  7. The concept that I envision is this:

    A talented, polite, informative and highly motivated group of pro-marijuana debaters enter all kinds of open bulletin boards that are basically devoid of our knowledge base.

    I have done this quite actively and relatively successfully on a local newspaper board.
    My input of discussion has been to present the many positives of mj and the fact that it is relatively harmless substance.

    It is all too obvious that jailing you, me or the people we are forced to buy our stash from is not going to improve anything. I am a very good gardener and would grow my own in a minute if the chance of being arrested weren't so likely an brutally punished.

    Let's keep up a bit of dialog – establish a plan and – get the good message out.


  8. What we need is some master-debaters....hehehehehehe
  9. lol, i heard that from austin powres! goldmember is a great movie!!
  10. master-debaters...the debate team at my high school called themselves that.
  11. Only problem with that, is that people will just classify us as 'spam' and farther hamper the cause.

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