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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Slothbear, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. I think I am going to start up a weekly thing where I will ask a reletively hard growing question and see if anyone knows the answer..

    ok, here is the one I got this week. Should have alot of you stumped....

    If you fertalize regularly, give it the proper amount of water daily, give it proper amounts of lighting daily and there are no bug or fungus infestations, but the leaves start to turn brown, what can this signify?

    Hint, it has to do with one or several of the things I mentioned.

    See how long it takes for someone to come up with the answer :cool:
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  2. High [​IMG]

    Well # 1 I really like this idea, keep the Qs coming.. :D

    Now I would say that the PH could be to high in your soil... your waters PH could also be to high...Getting to much nitrogen that will fry your babys for sure..To much heat from lights ..Got to get the right distance between your lighting an babys, depending on what light system your useing..Well I guess if you don't water they would die..LOL
    Well let me know if I missed anything.. :D

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  3. Well, PH is a factor in this case but another thing in which I would do is "flush" you plants out, for poeple who dont know what this is you run water though the soil and let it come out the bottom. The reason for this is because if one is fertalizing regularly the fert builds up in the soil therefore oxygen is "blocked" to travel up threw the roots and to the leaves so that photosysthesis cant happen. Thus the leafs turn brown.This is what I would do in this situation.I like this I idea also and would answer weekly weather I know the answer or not.

  4. If ur watering every day,(soil) it might be too much... Other than that, it could be just normal decay. Let it dry out a little. Fert.,no more than once a week( maybe even 1/2 strength at first) :D
    (Unless it is burned leaves, too close to lights) ;)

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    I_WISH_I_WAS_IN_AMSTERDAM got it. Regular fertalizing and regular watering toghter can mean a serious case of ferts building up in the soil, and it must be flushed. As he explained, flushing is basicaly running water through the soil to 'flush' the chemicals out.

    Everyone had an excellent answer, however. Will make another post soon with a diffrent question. Thanks all for answering.
  6. :D Sweet :D I cant wait till the next one...

  7. Sup,

    Marijuana experts, if i don't use fertalizer will my plant still grow big and healthy? If all i have is soil pots and miracle grow would it work? I had lighting, it broke today. i was puting light on my plants and it tippes over. it was my brand new fluorescent light i bought yesterday. i am pissed :mad:
  8. Hey,

    i have a mind tinkler for you guys.

    Will your Marijuana plant grow under water(good quality) if you have an air(bubble) system under it and the soil is blocked by comming out but has little wholes for the bubbles on top of the pot?

  9. I dig this Slothbear because it is educational and knowledge is power, my friend. ;)
  10. I belive the answer is over fert it is easy to should flush the plant with ph balanced water?
  11. I am confused by your question WeedSmoka, are you asking will a plant grow if it's under water? If so, no it will not the plant must breath. Just "air bubbles" will not do the trick, the plant need more ventalation then that.Besides even if you could get a enough air to meet the ventalation needs the plant would become "water logged" and die...if this is not your answer just explain it a little more clearly and I will reply :D
  12. god knows i need more knowledge......
  13. You said brown right? What color of brown light or dark? Because there is a difference to that. Because if it is a lighter color of brown almost yellowish, this is a sign of Potassium deficiency. And if the leaves are dark and curled over as well, this could be a sign of phosphorus deficiency. And nice thought on the weekly questions
  14. This could really get to think...hmmmm


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