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Skiing With a Pax

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThePresidentialView, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I'm going on a ski trip with a buddy of mine over break and we were planning to bring my pax up and get high on the mountain. Does anybody have any experience skiing with the pax specifically? I'm obviously a little bit worried that it could get damaged but I'd like to hear what you blades think.

  2. I'd just keep it in an inside pocket of your coat and it's just snow so if you wipe out there is just soft snow for it to land on.

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  3. could always get a small hardcase, i have a otterbox waterproof hardcase that i keep my phone and joints in when i go fly fishing, its well worth it if you plan on using it again
  4. Yeah man I'm sure tons of people ski with a pax?

    Just put it in a plastic bag or something to not let it get wet.
  5. I'll be doing this for the first time this weekend as well, just planning on wrapping it in an extra face shield I have and putting it in an inside pocket so it has cushion around it, gunna be so easy to vape on the lifts with it.
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    Dont let it get all wet and dont let it get smashed, then its all good :bongin:

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