Skiing/snowboarding high? Hard?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by UFO L Ride, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. On a ski trip to vermont and we brought some jays for the ski lift. Will it be difficult or sketchy going down the mountain blazed. Ive never done it high before. If you have any experience with this let me know
  2. Nah man fun. Not sketchy at all, loads of people ski/board high, enjoy!
  3. only difficult if you are not decent at snowboarding already
  4. Yeah we made a trail deep into some woods and smoked a jay. Then explored our way out and explored some double black diamonds. Fun as shit. Being stoned deff enhanced the experience
  5. This was the view from the summit

  6. damn looks amazing out there! took my first run of the season last night
  7. Yeah man straight powder lol. Where at?
  8. Personally after 8yrs in LT, CA I became one with saitvas and my snowboard. It enhances the experience on a spiritual level. Especially on a big pow day.
  9. Yeah lol i was just cruisin down the slopes listenin to my ipod chillin. Tree is going to have to be a component on every trip from now on
  10. You gotta have tree on the mountain. Hop on the ganjala to the top.
  11. missing snowboarding right now :smoking::eek::(
  12. If im not high when im skiing it doesn't count haha, skiing drunk on the other hand...horrible idea
  13. haha very true, it makes the experience, if only i knew this like 3 years ago when istarted, but better late than never
    :smoking::smoking: :gc_rocks:
  14. yeah its mad fun to snowboard high especially if your good, but I had a bad experience when I broke my wrist right after I smoked and I couldn't unstrap my board so I had to wait for my friend and he was laughing to hard to help me. Just don't go alone because if you hurt yourself you will not be able to get up, and you will have someone to make you laugh lmao

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