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Skiing high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. It seems like not a lot of you folks ski. I think some of you need to learn how to and get stoned and go skiing! It's honestly the most beautiful thing ever! When I go tomorrow stoned ill take some pretty pics and post. Just wanted to hear about other people stories of where they love to ski or just thoughts I skiing high to let me know I'm not the only one!
  2. I love snowboarding blazed, its great!
  3. I used to work at a ski area, we were blazed constantly. When you see the lift guy go in the shack and close the door 9/10 he's getting high.
  4. Skiing stoned is the best. My fav spot to ski is tuckerman ravine, mount Washington.


    Triple diamond style! And you gotta hike up, stoned bro

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  5. Skiing while under the influence of mind altering substances is absolutely my favorite thing in the world. Where do you ski at OP?
  6. Im going to Colorado tomorrow! I used to go skiing all the time but it was before I began smoking so Im super pumped. Plus might stumble upon some top shelf bud *fingers crossed*
  7. With the amount of dispensaries out there you shouldn't have a problem finding bud if you put in a little effort. Talk to someone on the lift, and then once you have a little trust built up ask if they burn.
  8. Ive skiid while lighting up ( torch lighter on a joint) i dropped it multiple times, plus it was white papers so it was hard to find, but it was intense
  9. Keep in mind, joints/ blunts are a terrible idea in the snow, bring a dugout and one hitter or a chillum to smoke with. Dropped joint = gone/ruined, dropped chillum is fairly easy to find. Just dont drop it while on the lift.
  10. Dropped chilium or piece means somebody scored a new piece. Either that, or somebody sprays snow onto it and you never find it again. Lol been there done that, bring the blunt less heartbreaking to lose

  11. I live on the east, kinda sucks, but I'm from Ohio and I like to shread the local place here called Snowtrails everyone is pot heads here, but I take 2 skiing trips a year for a week to aspen and a week at mount snow Vermont. If it isn't mount snow, I end up going to seven springs PA. I'm a terrain park shreader at home but out west the feeling of sparking up and just going down the slopes and admiring the mountains. What about you?
  12. going snowboarding is the perfect time to get high, and it's actually when I do it most. For me it doesn't get better then cruising around listening to some good music and smoking joints on the lifts all day.
  13. I'm in the lodge right now just chillin, got some new Anons for Christmas

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  14. [quote name='"lancerd25"']I love snowboarding blazed, its great![/quote]

    I'm with this guy
  15. [quote name='"Ganoo"']I used to work at a ski area, we were blazed constantly. When you see the lift guy go in the shack and close the door 9/10 he's getting high.[/quote]

    Aha this. Worked as a snowboard instructor for a while. I'd pick up hitch hikers all the time, which usually were ppl I worked with and nine times out ten is have the bong in my lap and throw them a few hits. We's always smoke at lunch.and.shit too, whether it be from the bong in my car, or a few pipe bowls or a joint in the trees off a trail.

    Was homies with the lifties too at a resort down the road that was even more chill and we'd box the lift operator boxes every once in a while too haha
  16. Never been skiing but digging the pics, sounds like it'd be a lot of fun blazed
  17. [quote name='"SortaStoner"']I'm in the lodge right now just chillin, got some new Anons for Christmas[/quote]

    What resort is this? It looks familiar
  18. Never skied or snowboarded but definitely would like too, seems very fun.

  19. Lol from your location I doubt you know, it's a local place I ski at called Snowtrails. Nothing compared to out west which I love
  20. ahhh nothing better then lighting up a J while riding the lift up, haha i remember me and my buddy just got to the chair we were getting ready to go when these two other boarders hopped on with us (with out asking -.-). we got about half way up when the lift stopped we all were just sitting there quiet all of a sudden the dude sitting next to me pulls out a pipe and just smiles at me. ended up matching him two bowls while we froze are asses off waiting for the lift to start up again.

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