Skiing and Blazing?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by GottaStayHigh, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I ski at cranmore and attitash mountain and I absolutely love to ski and smoke a joint. It's truly the most relaxing thing in the world. Anyone else like to ski and smoke?
  2. Personally snowboarding here.. with ski's it's a lot more of a relaxed high, with snowboarding, I feel like I actually have to engage myself so I don't die. it's awesome
  3. You will love Colorado. 
  4. Can't wait to hit the slopes.  Today was opening day for Heavenly, but since I'm an employee my pass was blacked out, and besides that the damn rental shop has my gear to torque test the bindings.
    I love ridin high though.  I'm a little more cautious about smoking at my home mountain, but when I go out to kirkwood it's game on, blaze it up!
  5. I love taking my board out to the mountains with a few joints in my pocket. Smoke about a half joint on the ski lift up to the top, put it out, and enjoy. Repeat as necessary. Also really good combo is to have some music in one ear, too (best to leave the other ear open so you can hear)

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  6. I ski and board (I go to cranmore/attitash all the time!) and I love smoking and ridin' the slopes all day long haha. Definitely do not recommend this combo to new smokers or people new to the sport  :laughing:
  7. Hell yeah it's the best combo. On this chairlift with a buddy is the best

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  8. I'm mad from this picture. I wish I was snowboarding there.
  9. Live free or Die! love cranmore but never been to attitash. I'm a regular at Waterville Valley and sometimes I just wanna sit at the top of the mountain and smoke a fat blunt with my bros. enjoy the slopes this year man!
  10. Skiing while baked is radical dude
    Shred on

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