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Sketchy Things You do or Places You Visit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GroTrees, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. whuts some crazy shit or sketchy places you've done/been when your high, i just thought of this when i saw that sketchy place to smoke thread and when i was smokin today i went cross counrty skiing thru a culvert under the thruway it was frozen over but the ice was thin and u cud hear the water running underneath, it was wicket scary, but after i was comfortable being there i started skiing like 25 miles an hour downstream on the ice it was like the funnest thing ever i was goin so fast and had like no traction, another crazy thing was i was in this crackhouse and i really didnt wanna be there, i didnt kno it was until i got there and i was with friends and couldnt leave, i was really paranoid and seeing like episodes of cops with drug busts in my head, this place was so ghetto, u kno where the doors rnt on the hinges but they prop them against the doorframe that way they can only be opened from the inside, just not a cool place when ur high
  2. abandoned buildings!!

    numerous one's altough all the good ones have been demolished(even the first place i got stoned...:() there's a cool one near my work, where i always smoke before or after work, its cool cause you get too see it in two different perspectives night and day...loads of cool graffiti in that place aswell...

    There's two factorys near me they would of been cool to toke in 3 floors on one absolutly open and loads of stuff to do...

    Another one had 2 floors plus a dingy dark basement...with dead stuff like cats and dead frogs(dont ask) and a firepit for underground fire...

    love abandoned places...

    errm what was the question?
  3. school sites ..woods? i dont normally go to "skcehty places" when u say sckehyt it just makes me think of some dark alley with a single street light and some guy in a trench coat peddling watches n rings.
  4. I really can only think of school. I always go to school high as hell.
  5. Last summer i was roller skating really fuckin high on the trails behind the zoo. Its kinda scary at night. Everything is dark first of all and all the nocturnal animals are making a lot of strange noises. Its creepy, cuz its a public park so you never know what kind of freak could be hiding in the trees or wherever. The whole setting is quite beautiful during the day but at night is completely different story.
    One time i ran into the maintenance patrol. The truck passed me and turned around in a fenced in lot. I thought i was in trouble at first, maybe i wasn't allowed to skate there late but they just drove by.
  6. Sitting across from a jail for 15 mins with the random black dude then driving around the ghetto for half an hour..still dont know what i was thinking. they kept yelling shit out at me and i just kept driving lol crazy times those
  7. yo, im from nebraska, and i took a trip to New Mexico a couple months ago to see some family. well, my mom lives there and she burns bud too! so when i saw her, we made it a point to go out to the White Sands. its like a huge dune covered area, but the sand is white. so white that even in the heat of the afternoon, the sun wouldnt heat the sand, so it was cold :)

    anymaway, we crossed border patrol, i had my piece and small stash wrapped in plastic andpaper and sprayed with a scentless solution to completey remove the odor. and i had it in a custom mad pocket on the inside of my pants.

    so we got past and into the place right, and theyre are a whole buncha people around, but we toke in the car, a bowl.
    then we go climb one of these BIG ASS HILLS OF SAND! every step you took you sunk like a foot into the shit. it was so fun cause we smoked like 3 more bowls out just walkin around!

    anyway, i need to go find a chiliburrito,
  8. the sketchiest place i've ever smoked is ummm.... i can't remember.
  9. Blazin Js on the walk to class . . . with a few thousand college kids also walking to class at the same time on the same sidewalk. It was rolled with a roller, so it wasn't looking that shady, but we were passin it between three people. Then a cop car rolls past, as the kid next to me is ripping it.

    cop never even took a second look at us, so funny. I'm suprised I didn't freak or something, haha.

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